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Helpful from the Get Go- Saleslogix and Outlook:

If you are using  Microsoft® Outlook® 2010 or 2013 desktop versions, your world with Saleslogix CRM has just gotten more Saleslogix_Xbar_Email_Recipientsengaging and productive. Your Inbox is highlighting a recent email with multiple recipients and WOW their Saleslogix contact cards pop up in the new Saleslogix Xbar for Microsoft® Outlook®.  You can easily filter to only show the From, To or CC listed names.  Each contact card shows the persons title and email address and provides quick action icons to send an email, make a phone call, create an activity or add a note.

Additionally you can see a specific contact's "Activities", "History" or "Notes" by clicking on the related hyperlink.  The activities view is great to see what you have scheduled for the selected contact.



More Access to Useful Knowledge:

Click on the menu icon and additional information options become quickly accessible with the sliding panel.  The "Global Search" provides access to all information in the Saleslogix database using Speed Search - as found in the Web, Mobile and Windows version. 

Use the "What's New" option to view what has been happening in the entire Saleslogix database:  new contact, new accounts, new conversations...

Or maybe you want to see what is going on at a specific account so click on Accounts menu link. Type the first few characters of the account name and then pick the specific account.


Just like the Web, Mobile and Windows clients you have additional panels/tabs of related information about the account.  Easily you now have access to a 360 degree view of that key account.  Quickly view and act upon the related activities, opportunities, tickets and digital attachments.




The Saleslogix Xbar for Outlook - It's CRM Your Way!

  • Turn unstructured email information into defined tasks, opportunities, leads, accounts, social media conversations, and more.

  • Drag and drop email signatures from Outlook to quickly create new contacts, leads, tickets and more in Saleslogix. 

  • Updated existing Saleslogix contact and account information directly from within Outlook.

  • Lead, contact, account, and history information from Saleslogix is accessible directly within Outlook to improve your email communications.

  • Embed Saleslogix CRM Inside Microsoft® Outlook® for a cohesive solution.

  • Purposeful innovation empowers your mobile workforce.


Final Thought - Look and sound smarter: 

Do you want to be perceived as a professional and knowledgeable about a contact. You can easily obtain Quick access to refresh your memory on the history of past conversations with the Saleslogix Xbar.  Then when the conversation is completed, simply update the contact notes.



The Saleslogix Xbar is available to North America customers with an active maintenance agreement at no change June 27, 2014.  This applies to Saleslogix version 8.0 or the current 8.1.

The Saleslogix Product Promise: (Delivered)

"Maximize end user adoption with an adaptive architecture that delivers 'run anywhere' CRM so customers can achieve desired results and productivity inside devices and applications users love".


Interested?  Give me a phone call:  269-445-3001 and let's get your workforce more engaged and better equipped.

Additional Resources:

Saleslogix Xbar for Outlook Data Sheet PDF

Saleslogix Xbar information page

Visit CRMthreads.com for more information on Saleslogix Xbar for Outlook

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