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Saleslogix version 8.1, an extensive suite of social CRM capabilities

View Social Timeline of your contacts and key accounts

One of the new features is the Saleslogix Social Timeline. With it, Saleslogix version 8.1 gives users a unified, visual, and actionable timeline of all of the social media activity involving a customer contact across multiple sites simultaneously. Each time a customer posts or is tagged in a post on a social media site, the post appears as an icon on the Social Timeline using the respective site's logo. Users can zoom into particular periods on the timeline to see more details on each post or grouping of posts. They can then click on each of the icons to see the complete post in a pop-up window, comment on the post, or send a direct message to the contact via the same social site, all from within the Saleslogix interface. User-generated responses are added automatically to the interaction history for the contact.



Users can choose to have social media interactions manually or automatically added to customer notes, leads, opportunities, to-do lists, support tickets, or feature-request lists. Anyone with access to the customer's profile sees a complete record of all interactions, dynamically updated as they take place.

"The Saleslogix Social Timeline...is powerful yet incredibly simple to master, and we're proud to be the first company to offer it," says Lorcan Malone, senior vice president and general manager of the Saleslogix business unit at Swiftpage.

Working with the Social Timeline are the new Social Profiles and Social Buzz interfaces, whichenable users to better understand their customers' social media preferences and topics of interest and create improved interaction strategies and more relevant online content. 

Social Profiles provide a snapshot of each contacts' most-used social media sites and activities integrated into the contact's main overview screen. Users can add, remove, or reposition Social Profiles at any time, enabling them to customize the interface to fit their needs and style of work.


Social Buzz allows users to identify trending topics on social media channels and see how their customers are participating. Users can create customized tabs within Social Buzz to track specific topics and identify conversation participants, posts, date/time of posts, and more.


"Saleslogix has always had some social CRM capabilities, but with 8.1 we have some very powerful social CRM built right in," Malone says.

The market in general, he adds, is pressing for more social solutions. "We're seeing a lot of demand from customers for more social media capabilities."


Saleslogix 8.1 also includes the latest generation of the Saleslogix Mobile platform. Released in the fall, Saleslogix Mobile 3.0 features an extensive list of improvements, including a completely redesigned application for smartphones and tablets that lets users access their most important information and take their highest priority actions with a single tap.

"We've always had a mobile platform, but what you're seeing now is an example of our philosophy on mobile, which is to deliver purpose-driven apps; we provide the platform so you can build apps around it for your particular users," Malone explains.


Version 8.1 also includes the following enhancements:

New Outlook Synchronization: Users now get seamless access to their Saleslogix contacts, calendars, and library documents from within Outlook, using the new Outlook Toolbar.

Improved Sage ERP X3 Integration: Users can share information between Saleslogix and their existing Sage ERP system using the new multipoint synchronization engine that enables cross-application processes and real-time data feeds.

New Centralized Management Interface: Administrators now have more control over integrations via a single, comprehensive interface for synchronization between Saleslogix and other enterprise systems.

Expanded Browser Support: Saleslogix can now be accessed through Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

"We released version 8.0 in November 2012, and what you're seeing with 8.1 is lots of new features being built on the platform," Malone points out. "Social and mobile integrations are the biggest changes right now."


Destination CRM Press release: http://www.destinationcrm.com/Articles/PrintArticle.aspx?ArticleID=94316


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