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Affordable pricing and usability allow Saleslogix to rise above competitors - Info-Tech.

"Adopt a dedicated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite for integrated automation of sales, marketing, and service processes. Remember that social is today's true market differentiator: ensure social media integration is sufficient or risk failure"  - Info-Tech research group.

Recently Info-Tech evaluated eight competitors in the large enterprise CRM market. Saleslogix wins "Value Award" and belongs also to the "Champions Award" group Saleslogix's affordable pricing and usability allow the product to rise above competitors in this "Champions" space. More importantly Saleslogix won the "Value Award" because it provides a balance of price and feature complexity, remaining strong on features across the board.

This research is designed for:

  • Enterprises seeking to select a solution for CRM integrated across sales, marketing and customer service.
  • Executive-level stakeholders in the following roles:
    • Vice-President of Sales, Marketing or Customer Service
    • IT Managers and Directors involved in selecting a CRM Solution


This research will help you:

  • Understand what's new in the CRM Market.
  • Evaluated CRM vendors and products for your entereprise needs.
  • Determine which products are most appropriated for particular use cases and scenarios.

The Info-Tech CRM market overview stated their view on where this market is going:

  • Usability is expected to remain a defferentiator for CRM vendors. 
  • Although there exists some differentiation on the qualtity and quantity of mobile solutions by CRM vendors, last year saw significant improvements in the mobile capabilities on the market.  Cutting-edge mobile technologies include browser-independent and tablet-optimized applications, as well a dedicated apps that leverage native device capabilities. 
  • This year, Info-Tech included a mandatory social component in its evaluation of sales, marketing and service management features for all CRM vendors. Info-Tech predicts that CRM players will continue to develop robust social capabilities or acquire standalone social management vendors to level the playing field. 





Saleslogix at 100% - First of 8 CRM vendors for Value:




View the PDF full report here...


Saleslogix noted for exemplary support for mobile and touch devices out-of-the-boc.




Saleslogix noted for combining strong account management and enterprise-class analytics with high usability:



Info-Tech Recommends:

"The produce is a popular choice among complex organizations of smaller size with high compliance regulations.  For example, pharmaceutical company with a small customer base, but complex sales processes would likely see a lot of value.  Other candidate industries include financial services, insurance and manufacturing."


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