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Turn around sales with strategies that work

Happy-customer-Needs-filledSometimes increasing sales requires the flexibility to change the way you're doing business.

Instead of working "IN" your business, take a peaceful moment to think and work "ON' your business. That can involve rethinking the products and services that you offer, the ways you attract customers and the way you view competitors.


Consider how your market has changed and how prospective buyers find you. 

  • They are most likely much further down the discovery process and have used on-line tools. 
  • They have used key phrases in Google that have lead to your business and solutions from your industry. 
  • They have left remarks on social media sites and have found or made connections on business networking sites such as Linked In.

If you have some business savy you have realized the importance of a business blog that helps educate your prospective customers on how your products and services smartly serves their wants and needs.  Prospective buyers have found multiple resources to help educate them when they started looking. What do you need to change or maybe fully transform to fulfill your customer needs?


Look for opportunities to collaborate with other companies

Certainly consider your vendors and strategic partners.. This may also include your competitors. If you excel in one area, and your partner/competitor provides another service you don't offer, collaborating on a project for the same client can ensure both companies grow.


Tip: Use your CRM system to also hold the information about vendors, strategic partners and competitors and shareable insight for others in your organization.  CRM is not just for prospects and customers!


For example, if you are a manufacturer of paint for car body shops, consider related items the car owner may also need to tune up their car.  If you are a financial services advisor for entrepreneurial type business owners, consider working with CPA's and accounting professionals that also cater to entrepreneurial type businesses.

The key to acquiring new customers and staying in business is to focus on how your product or service solution solves the problems and challenges of your customers.  Talk about the problems you solve and the remarkable experience customers will have.

Everyone is looking for solutions, for efficiency, for a better way, a faster way, a more economical way to do it.... Develop your sales strategy around these types of business development ideas. 


Of course make sure that you are capturing this knowledge in your CRM system so your marketing efforts are more effective in fulfilling customer needs.

Find more about "Knowing your customer benefits...."

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