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Sales Key Performance Indicators in CRM: Beyond the Short Term Sale

An interesting post from Radio Ink Magazine has us thinking about sales key performance indicators. In his post, writer, Matt Sunshine, describes the familiar problem of one particular salesperson: After losing the bulk of her clientele to attrition, she struggled to rebuild her customer base. The original inclination of the sales manager was to focus on number of sales.


As a key performance indicator, it was an obvious and necessary measurement. However, the constant attention to the short term sale to boost numbers was not sustainable.

Eventually the individual and her coach came to understand that number of sales was only one performance indicator, and to achieve sustainability--reliable growth month after month--they would have to work toward deeper goals. Identification of a client's business problems and the provision of solutions would be the key to a sustainable and profitable customer base.

To identify a customer's business problems, the salesperson was urged to open the conversation and to keep it open. What are the client's priorities and goals? What is currently lacking? By building a strong dialogue and relationship, the salesperson would be poised to provide solutions, thereby securing loyalty and necessity.

We appreciate the way Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can drive this dialogue and foster this relationship. By maintaining a centralized and accessible snapshot of a client's information, the sales team has a unified and comprehensive view of an organization's past behaviors and potential needs.


The customer analytics in CRM software provide an opportunity for cross- and up-sales. This insight positions the salesperson as a collaborator and provider rather than an outsider with wares to peddle. 

We can help you get the best from your CRM system and achieve key performance indicators far beyond the short term sale. Contact us for more information.

Topics:   Compelling Value Creation Customer Communications Adaptable CRM CRM System Importance

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