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Sage 50 (Peachtree) Integration with ACT! It's Another "Double Play"

We are excited to announce the release of Sage50 (Peachtree) Link for Act! - Add-on Product from S50Data.

Sage50 link to ACT - Double playThis solution is our favorite integration developers that brought us the QSalesData - QuickBooks link to Act! have provided us with a similar functionality product to connect your Sage 50 (Peachtree) accounting software to your Customer Relationship Database in Act!. Take your business to a new level of efficiency by linking your ACT! and Sage50/Peachtree applications together.  Eliminate double-entry and make your ACT! and Sage50 users more productive.

 What is your benefit?

  • Link ACT! Records to Sage50 Customers

  • Create Sage50 Customers from Records in ACT!

  • Push address Changes between ACT! and Sage50

  • Create Sage50 Transactions from within ACT!

  • View Sage50 Items purchased from within ACT!

  • View 5 years of Sales Totals, Past Due Balances, and other key sales metrics directly in ACT!

  • Look up Customers in ACT! by Items Purchased

  • Convert ACT! Opportunities to Sage50 Transactions (Coming Soon)

  • ALL Data Synchronized out to ACT! Remote Database

  • Data reside in ACT! fields so your users won't need access to S50 to view Sales Data in ACT!.

Perform Target Marketing like never before!

Use S50Data to perform key lookups and create Dynamic Groups in ACT!. 

  • Customers that haven't ordered in 6 months that spent more than a certain amount with you last year.
  • Customers that have placed an order OVER a certain amount in the past week and have not received your new promotion for this season.
  • Customers that purchased a specific product you want to market to for similar products.


Create Emarketing Campaigns based on Targeted Contact Lists!


sage 50 link to act target marketing


Want to see how it works your self?  Click Here to view a 5 minute video on S50SalesData's features and functionality.


S50SalesData link to download 15 day trial of software: 

S50SalesData Version 7.06 for Act! and Sage 50 2014

S50SalesData Version 7.06 for Act! and Sage 50 2015

S50SalesData Version 7.06 for Act! and Sage 50 2016

S50SalesData Version 7.06 for Act! and Sage 50 2017

Users Guide: http://www.s50salesdata.com/docs/S50SalesData-UserGuide.pd


Software Requirements for Act! and Sage 50

S50SalesData works with the following US versions of ACT!

  • Act! 2013 Pro and Premium
  • Act! 2014 (v16) Pro and Premium
  • Act! v17 Pro and Premium
  • Act! v18 Pro and Premium

S50SalesData works with the following US VERSIONS of Sage 50

  • Sage 50 version 2014 Complete, Premium, and Quantum (formerly Peachtree)
  • Sage 50 version 2015 Complete, Premium, and Quantum
  • Sage 50 version 2016 Complete, Premium, and Quantum

Other Requirements:

  • Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems
    Works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Win 7 and Win 8 operating systems

  • Requires US Versions of Act! and Sage 50, does not work with Sage 50 Canada or UK versions.

  • Note: Not designed to work with Web Versions of Act! and/or Sage 50

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