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One of the newer Microsoft Outlook integration components with Infor CRM is at the activity record. Now a scheduled activity in Outlook can easily link to richer information in your Infor CRM.

Infor CRM Activity Task Pane

The Infor CRM Activity Task pane displays Infor CRM information related to the Microsoft Outlook appointment. Use this task pane to add linked Infor CRM information to an Outlook appointment so that when the activity is created in Infor CRM, the activity will be associated with the appropriate Infor CRM records. For example, contact or lead.

When the new or an existing Outlook appointment is open the bottom of the form displays the Infor CRM Activity Task pane.  If the pane does not display, select the Outlook Appointment ribbon, click Activity Task Pane. If this option is not available, verify that Infor CRM Xbar for Microsoft Outlook is installed and configured properly.



To Hide the Infor CRM pane, select the Appointment ribbon and click the Activity Pane (far right side). The Activity Task Pane button is no longer highlighted and the pane is hidden.



How to Add or View Infor CRM details

  1. Open an appointment

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the appointment to view the Infor CRM pane, and if necessary click Details.

  3. To associate Infor CRM records

    • Click the drop-down arrow next to Contact and select a Contact or a Lead from your CRM. When you select a CRM person their company and phone number are automatically brought forth into Outlook

    • Select the Infor CRM information you want to associate with the appointment (Contact or Lead).  Do one of the following:

      • Click the drop-down arrow in the box and select from a list of recently selected records

      • Click the Address Book button to select from an Outlook Address book, then click OK.

    • To remote an associated record, click the Delete button  Delete_button.jpg

  4. The Phone Number displays the phone number associated with the selected contact or lead. To add or edit the phone number, in the Phone Number box type in the phone number.

  5. Click the Type drop and select the type of appointment. For example, Phone Call, Meeting, or Personal. (Outlook by itself does not have this distinction).

  6. Select the Auto rollover to the next day check box to automatically roll over all the activity to the next day if it is not completed on the scheduled date.  This option is only available if the Outlook option "All day event" is selected for the appointment

  7. Also the activity can be related to an Account Opportunity or Ticket.  Use the magnifying glass to look up related information for the selected account.
  8. When finished, click the appointment Save button. You will receive an Infor CRM connector message informing you that the activity was successfully uploaded to Infor.



Add or view related Infor CRM entities

You can list other Infor CRM people or information that is related to the activity.  This information will appear on the Participants tab in the Infor CRM Web client, but will not be marked as an Attendee unless the record is also listed in the appointment list of Attendees.

  1. Open an appointment

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the appointment to view the Infor CRM pane, and click Related entities.  Link_other_contacts_to_appointment.jpg

    Example with additional related entities

  3. Do any of the following:

    1. To add a related record, click on the Link CRM entity  + button, select the record type, for example Contact, and then use the Select Infor CRM dialog box to select the related entity, and then click OK.

    2. Select a record in the list, click the View Linked CRM Entity drawing icon button to view details of the related record.  The information that displays depends upon the type of record.  Example of a contact record.  Full_view_of_contact_infor_from_CRM_while_viiewing_Outlook_Appointment.jpg

      • Use the tabs to view additional information.

      • Click Add to Contacts to open the record in Infor.  The record will open in the Infor CRM client you selected (Web or Windows).  You may need to enter your Infor CRM username and password.

    3. Click the Unlink CRM entity  X button to remove a related record from the list


Remember that the Help ? icon  is available for on-line instructions

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