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Outlook Integration, Infor CRM, Infor CRM Xbar

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Relying on Outlook can cause CRM Underachievement

Microsoft Outlook remains as one of the most heavily used tools in business today. It successfully manages Inbox, Calendar & Contacts for millions each day.

So you may ask yourself how can I say, Infor CRM has a deep and rich Outlook integration and then claim it causes users to underachieve at CRM?

It’s easy, because for many, it’s true. Let’s explore how and why.

CRM is a Centralized database, intended to house (Shared Data) Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and track activities. Its purpose is to give an organization ONE location to put data that is intended to be shared for the overall common good of the company - enabling complete Customer Relationship Management. As part of that, CRM must integrate with communication platforms such as email.

People investigating CRM commonly ask –“Does it fully integrate with Outlook?” I can with great certainty say YES!

Users like Outlook, they know it, its familiar, it does what they want – or so they think.

But here’s the Problem:

It’s a PERSONAL solution, not and Enterprise solution. How do I mean that?

  • It doesn’t Share email and subfolders with others
  • It doesn’t Support Organizational Reporting
  • It doesn’t track Notes and History of activity
  • It doesn’t Manage Customer Support
  • It doesn’t enable Marketing

If it WAS all of these things, why did Microsoft (themselves) build a CRM tool?

AND if it was a Sufficient Solution, WHY is your company considering CRM Solutions?

Outlook Is like a Sponge, it will soak up whatever you give it, but if you squeeze, it’s not easy to get that one drop you need.

SO WHAT IS INFOR CRM – and why it is different?

  • Access to shared real-time data from anywhere – Any Browser, Any Device
  • Outlook Integration that surfaces Live CRM data you can interact with (not Sync)
  • Access to So Many more communication channels beyond email, today
  • CRM Is the Center of a Universe that Shared Rich Data from multiple sources
    • ERP Integrations
    • Marketing Platforms
    • Social Media
    • Search Engines
    • Collaboration tools

HOW DO WE Make the shift ?

Clearly Articulate the mission and vision of the CRM implementation in two basic modes –

#1 We are not changing what you do – Only WHERE you do it (faster, better, easier)

#2 Employ the 3X factor to explain WHY – (what benefits)

3x Factor

For Every piece of data I put into CRM – It Benefits me a Minimum of 3 x

Easy 3 – (1) I can Retrieve it with any device (2) other people can too, and not ask me (3) my data makes the reports, no more Excel!

In my next Blog, I will fully explain and explore the psychology and strategy of the 3x factor,

Avoiding CRM Underachievement:

By employing the above mentioned CRM “shift” strategies and demonstrating to all users how CRM is the New Center of the universe it will become clear that Outlook is merely one star amongst other communication tools we use in our changing communication landscape.

By: Erik Tavenner, Solution Consultant, Infor

See more here

Infor Xbar - Account view of Infor CRM inside Microsoft Outlook for those who still live inside Outlook but need the richness of Infor CRM data

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