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CRM – customer relationship management. Relationship isn’t just in our name, it’s in our DNA. It part of our core beliefs. A relationship takes at least two whoBusiness-relationship-Development-Creatio know a little something about each other. Our blog posts usually relate to you learning more about customers and prospective customers, storing that knowledge somewhere, and making smart decisions based on it. But that’s only part of it. People do business with people they like. They want to know about you, too--what kind of person you are and what motivates you.

Likewise, you might wonder sometimes about us. We don’t view you as simply a number to boost our Google search ranking or a source of revenue. No, we like getting to know you as people and finding out what matters to you. We also respect you enough to let you see what makes us tick.

1. We celebrate the unique nature of each of us, and we believe really good things happen when we recognize and work from our strengths.

2. One of our strengths is that we love to make good things great, which means we encourage you to learn your strengths and make the most of them. Many tools exist to help you with that, but two of the best ones we’ve found are Marcus Buckingham’s books, Strengths Finder and Stand Out.

3. The world is full of possibilities, and we want you to find opportunities out there and be successful. Success is both a process and an end result. We deeply understand that our clients' success translates into our success.

4. We are entrepreneurs. We think like entrepreneurs. We love helping you be a successful entrepreneur.

5. We have an internal sense of urgency that drives us to get things done.  David Allen's Getting Things Done is a great foundation to Making it all Work.

6. We know without a doubt that systems can be an entrepreneur’s best friend, if they are specific to your business drivers and culture.  Success in business development requires a systematic approach and a useful CRM system is a business requirement. Helping you choose and develop systems is one way we can maximize your entrepreneurial efforts.

7. Relationships are everything in life, business or otherwise. Relationships aren’t instant. Each one takes cultivation. My experience in farming taught me that success comes from planting the best seeds, cultivating the ground, watering it, investing time and energy, and then harvesting in due time. The fruit of a strong relationship never stops increasing.

8. Without high-touch service, relationships with customers are worse than dead in the water – they become toxic. The knowledge gained about your clients and customers and the ways they want to be served helps to drive your nurtured marketing with valuable content and provide that remarkable positive customer experience.

What is your business or life philosophy? Can your customers tell what it is?


We help you get the answers you need with sales, marketing, and service software.  Let's start a conversation.





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