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Red Flag - No Insight into Status of Current Opportunities

Have you ever wished you could gain a clear insight into the exact status of all current opportunities - whether for yourself or your team?

This is a common issue Julie and I hear when we talk with entrepreneurs or sales managers.  Certainly you have to have the information accurately entered into the system, considering you have a "System" such as Creatio CRM. (Read 'No compiling Call Reports..' post for a related productivity gain).


Planning your sales strategy requires insight into your current pipeline.  If you don't know the life cycle of a typical sales or how many opportunities exist, then you can't realistically predict or improve future sales cycles - or if a future revenue pipeline will exist!

Company sales pipeline

Insight into your sales pipeline allows you to manage the right opportunities at the right time. Contact management and Customer relationship management solutions help you know when to push harder to close deals and when to focus on adding more prospects to your pipeline.  It puts you in control of your comprehensive sales strategy.

Using built-in sales opportunity tracking and forecasting tools, you can easily manage your sales pipeline by tracking each interaction with each contact in your database, from initial inquiry through close.  When working an opportunity, simply click "Follow up" to create a new activity for that prospect and automatically attach it to the contact record. For every contact, you can see exactly where you are in the sales cycle and more accurately predict a close date based on all prior interactions.

With Creatio CRM, you can view all opportunities at once or filter by estimated close date, sales stage, amount, probability of close, etc.  You can generate instant customized quotes from an opportunity - without re-keying data.



Analyzing your sales pipeline couldn't be easier or more reliable; some of our clients use an interactive, graphical Sales Pipeline Dashboard which allows them to drill down to see the account details.  It is sometimes surprising what you can find and you may discover why the opportunity is stuck at a specific stage.

If your contact management or CRM system does not provide opportunity tracking or intelligence into your sales pipeline - your business insights and decision making will suffer. 

Next Steps:

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Find about other red flags that point to a need for contact and customer management.

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What is an insight you have gained from having an accurate opportunity pipeline?


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