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What is the value of a quality, informed decision that doesn't take forever?

One of the more common CRM requirements that come from our current and prospective clients is how can my CRM and related information be used for faster informed decisions?  Another is show me how I can create a report or dashboard for me to visualize this mass of information.

These are not an unreasonable requirement by any stretch - all major mid-market CRM vendors offer dashboards of some type - but a dashboard in and of itself is not a true system requirement.  The real requirement is what kind of information a dashboard should display and how easy is it to create or make modifications.

Information with a Purpose

CRM dashboards serve the general purpose: to quickly provide a user, a manager, an administrator or an owner with a quick overview of data related to a particular job function or department.  Typically, CRM dashboard are created shortly after a new system goes live and reportable data is available. This enables users to immediately visualize how data is transformed. Upon using CRM, dashboards come from user and management feedback to ensure usefulness and relevance. New dashboards can be created as needed and existing one easily modified.  New metrics will be devised and applied.  The ability to clone a dashboard or single 'widget' is an added bonus.

Having it your way is important since not every dashboard components will be needed by every employee and most mid-market CRM solutions are flexible enough to let each user choose which dashboard components they want to see.  Additionally, the dashboards must respect the data security placed on the CRM information.

CRM Dashboard Data Examples

Here are 8 examples of the kinds of information we commonly see our clients requesting and using in their CRM dashboard, organized by functional area.

Account Management

Accounts by type - A display of the various types of company accounts.

Accounts by type.png


Marketing Dashboards

Email totals - campaign results of emails sent, opens, clicks and bounced.

Dashboard email totals.png

Lead sources - a display of what are the channels creating leads.


Marketing campaign channels.png

Lead by Status- a display of leads by need maturity from suspect to sales ready.

Leads by need maturity.png


Sales Dashboards

Company pipeline - a display of the number of opportunities for each stage in pipeline

Company sales pipeline.jpg

Specific opportunity- a display of the manager mood, probability and days in the funnel

An Opportunity stats.png


Customer service/support dashboards

Top cases of case incidents - a display of the top areas that have caused a service incident.

Dashboard Cases - top services by incident.png

Case load - a display of the number of overdue and active open cases along with the workload of support line.

Dashboard Cases customer service.png

One Tool Among Many

Having useful tools such as CRM dashboards depends on knowing your requirements and knowing what kinds of information you want your dashboard to display.  Marketing, sales, customer service and related CRM data dashboards serve a valuable purpose in giving system users visibility into both overall system health and job specific performance measurements.  Data complexity can be simplified with various types of visualizations of the information.  

Isn't it time you get a better understanding of what's happening at any time from your CRM investment?



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