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Deliver sales history directly into your Infor CRM from the latest QuickBooks accounting information.

With the widespread use of Intuit® QuickBooks™ accounting system there are many businesses missing the ability to quickly and easily provide accounting system information to the CRM sales and support team.  This could include items such as:

  • Aging balances for 30, 60 and 90 days to analysis possible payment issues.
  • Yearly sales revenue for multiple prior years to get understanding of customer life-time value
  • Comparative periods such as the current Year to date sales to Prior year to date sales.  Helpful when comparing where a sales reps accounts are moving.
  • Identifying the products and services sold per customer.
  • Linking current sales to estimated forecast or sales quotas


Our QuickBooks to Infor CRM services helps your business grow

One of our recent clients needed to show annual sales history for multiple past years, show current aging open balances, and show the current YTD sales compared to the prior year.

Now each customer account is linked to the matching QuickBooks customer and a process has been created to update CRM from QuickBooks AR twice a day.

Each sales rep can easily see where that customer stands historically and for the current year by viewing the QuickBooks Customer Information tab under the customer account detail.

QuickBooks Sales History Inside Infor CRM.png


Related Benefits

Additionally because these numbers are within the CRM system the user can create groups and apply filters for types of comparative analysis. With Infor CRM a filter can be created for ranges of annual sales revenue, say:

  • $ 0 - $50,000
  • $50,001 - $100,000
  • $100,001 - $250,000
  • $250,001 - $500,00
  • Over $500,000

Now the user can click on the range(s) and the accounts in those range(s). Filters to the rescue for business analysis, again!

For sales management and those sales professionals who like competitive rankings, we can compare each sales reps YTD sales to prior years while also comparing actual sales to the quota dollars for quarter or month.

Sell smarter, visualize annual sales history and compare current YTD sales to prior YTD sales - per customer with Infor CRM and QuickBooks Integration by Success with CRM Consulting.


Get Started with Success with CRM

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