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Quickbooks Integration with Act! - It's a "Home Run"

HomeRun-ACT-ConsultantEasily Integrate Act! contact information with QuickBooks

There are several add-on software products for Act! that link with Quickbooks, however, there is only ONE product that has raised the bar - QSales

Many of my clients currently have Quickbooks as their accounting software and want to know what integrated software would I recommend. Simply - QSales

They are the only Quickbooks software integrated with Act! that actually has the QuickBook (QB) data stored in the Act! database. 

What this means to you:

1Use QB field to perform key lookups in Act!:

  • Lookup all customers with past due balances.
  • Lookup all customers that haven't ordered from you in 6 months.
  • Lookup all customers that spent more than a certain amount with you last year and put them in a targeted eMarketing campaign.

2. Use QB fields to create strategic dynamic groups in Act!:

  • Customers with past due balances.
  • Customers that haven't purchased in 1 year.
  • Customers by QB Sales Rep.

3.  You can include QB field data in Act! reports and other reporting tools

  • Show all open opportunities that have been open for over 90 days for customers that have  purchased over $5,000 in the past year

4. You can merge QB field data into Act! letter and e-mail templates

  • Include a summary of the customer's YTD sales in a Thank You!

5. You can include QB field data in your Act! dashboards

  • Display YTD and prior YTD sales of your top customers and view sales trends.

6. You can use the Act! Layout to customize the QB data fields specific to your companies needs.

  • Act! has the ability to modify your data forms to show what you want to see, where you want to see it. 

7. Convert A Opportunities into QuickBook transactions

  • Your QuickBooks Items sync to the Products List in Act!.  You can Convert an Opportunity in Act! to invoice in QuickBooks.

8.  QB Items tab quickly shows what items the customer has purchased

  • Now salespeople can quickly see what products the customer has purchased without having to drill down into every transaction.

Read more on our recommended Quickbooks and ACT Integration. 

Related uses:

See Quickbook's sales data for each customer

Faster than a speeding bullet- Act! and QuickBooks

Want to see how it works for yourself?  

Schedule a Call with Julie

As an Act! certified consultant and user of QSales I can help answer your questions.  Give me a call.  269-445-3001  or  Email me directly

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