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Productivity tips working inside Infor CRM web client

The Infor CRM web client has some helpful capabilities that may be forgotten or unknown, so today I want to remind you of these productivity tips. Make sure to check out the 10+ links to other productivity tips at the end.

Group List versus Summary Views

Many times the "List" view of groups is used to quickly show relevant data and then the filters on the right side to narrow the results shown.

Account list and summary options

But there is a Summary view that lists basic information about the group's record.  For an account it will show the name, address, phone and web site along with the account manager, account type, account sub type and Industry.

The right column will show counts for the number of contacts, number of opportunities and the number of customer service tickets. Simply clicking on the drop-down arrow by one of these three summaries will show a mini-view of those records. This is helpful to quickly view related account information without having to open up each detail account record.  Of course, the blue hyperlinks will perform the lookup action.

Account Summary list view

If you have a group list of contacts you can use the summary view to show key information with the counts of opportunities ad tickets.

 Contacts summary view

 Of course, these entity-based Summary views can be modified to show more or less information including custom fields.


Tracking your place in a group list

Sometimes you are working through a group list of records, viewing detail record information and don't want to lose you place within the list. This is a detail view of the contact record, one of many in the group "All Contacts".  Note on the right side there is a window that can be resized and lists a mini view of the group's records and the current records position in the group. 

The right-side window is re-sizeable and configurable on what to show.  It will show the first column in the group but can show much more. Click on the gear icon for configurable settings.

Contact detail - group settings

The options include ability to set the number of group columns shown, whether to hide the extended group list, to say in detail view on a lookup and to display the extended group list on lookup.  

Group list configurable options

Example of the group list 'expanded' and showing 3 columns instead of the 1 column default.  These setting apply to all groups and between web client sessions.

The columns can be resized and clicking on the column heading will sort the records ascending or descending.

Expanded group list for 3 columns



Use the ? help icon for tips on using the detail view group list:

The detail view Group List displays a list of all of the records in a group or lookup from within the detail view. You can see other records that are in the group or lookup, or click a record in the list to navigate to that record's detail view. There are two different modes for the Group List, the regular mode displays only the record's name, the extended mode displays additional columns with more information (see image above). You can set options to determine the default behavior for the Group List.

  • To show extended details:  Click up arrow to expand the Group List.
  • To hide extended details:   Click down arrow to the minimize Group List.


To set group list options:

  • Click Gear for configuration group list(Extended Group List Options).
  • In the Columns field, type the number of columns to be displayed in the extended details mode. To see all of the columns that are displayed when in the List view, type 0. The columns are determined by columns that display in the list view.


  • Select or clear the Hide extended group list on record selection.
    • Select this option to hide extended list after selecting a record from the list.
    • Clear this option to keep the group list in the current state after selecting a record from the list.


  • Select or clear the Stay in detail view on lookup.
    • Select this option to remain in the detail view when navigating through the records in Lookup Results.
    • Clear this option to always display Lookup Results in the list view.


  • Select or clear the Display extended group list on lookup.
    •  Select this option to show the extended list when viewing the detail view of records in Lookup Results.
    • Clear this option to automatically hide the extended list details when viewing the detail view of records in Lookup Results.
  • Click OK.


NOTE:  The settings in the configuration will apply to other groups in Infor CRM.  For example, the All Accounts group displaying the 3 columns.

Account group list side view


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