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Increase Productivity with Your Saleslogix CRM Inside Your Outlook

Swiftpage Advances Strategy for “Your CRM Inside” with Debut of new Saleslogix Xbar for Microsoft® Outlook®

Saleslogix Xbar™ fits seamlessly within Microsoft® Outlook®, making toggling between applications a thing of the past. Have a perfect view of your CRM, including contact communication history and important notes, right from within your inbox. Save important emails right to your CRM. All without ever leaving Outlook®.


Today Saleslogix introduced a unique new solution that embeds the functionality and benefits of Saleslogix inside the enterprise e-mail Outlook® client millions of users already know and work with every day. Titled the Saleslogix Xbar, the add-in enables users to access their most important Saleslogix information and functionality through an intuitive, context-aware window that is “docked” within the Outlook interface. The Saleslogix Xbar is offered as a complimentary new feature add-in for all North Americal users of Saleslogix v8.0 and v8.1, including both cloud-based and on-premises deployments. Microsoft Outlook 2010 or 2013 are supported.



Productivity and Engagement Increase:

When a contact is accessed in Outlook through opening e-mail correspondence or calendar activities, the SLX_Xbar_OutlookSaleslogix Xbar instantly displays key information, activities and opportunities for that contact stored in Saleslogix. 

A wide range of information and activities can be accessed, including interaction history, follow-up action items, leads generated from e-marketing campaigns, opportunity management, and more. Users can freely work with and modify the Saleslogix information, taking actions and updating the information as necessary, all from within Outlook and without ever losing sight of their inbox.

Users can also quickly create entirely new contacts, accounts and opportunities through the Xbar. This can often be done quickly and conveniently by dragging and dropping existing information from e-mails into the Xbar interface.

Contact, calendar and interaction history changes made in Xbar automatically update within Saleslogix in real-time, ensuring other team members can immediately see and access the updated information.


Your CRM Inside

The Saleslogix Xbar is the next major milestone in an overarching product and business strategy Swiftpage has titled “Your CRM Inside.” The strategy is designed to help customers maximize employee adoption and usage of CRM in their daily work. Outlook integration is one component of the strategy. 


As a major part of this strategy, Swiftpage has continued developing a unique data interchange standard coupled with an adaptive architecture for Saleslogix.  Combined, these enable third-party applications and devices to more efficiently exchange information with the solution, making it easier to embed Saleslogix functionality into other platforms. 

As with the Xbar for Outlook®, this allows users to gain all the benefits of Saleslogix, but accessed and managed within the applications and devices users already know and prefer.




“The trend we’re seeing in the market right now is that although many companies have implemented competing CRM solutions, actual adoption and usage among employees often remains low.  We’ve made it a top priority to help companies solve this challenge, and the ‘Your CRM Inside’ strategy is one key piece to making that happen,” said Lorcan Malone, general manager and senior vice president for Saleslogix.  “With ‘Your CRM Inside’, our goal is to give users all the benefits of Saleslogix, but with minimal complexity, maximum flexibility, and a far lower learning curve.”


Plan to attend the May 19th, 3 PM EST grand unveiling webcast at CRMtheads.com 


Additional Information

Help spread the word through the social world using hashtag:  #yourcrminside


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