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Tablets are taking over the world- Engagement increases.

We see them used by all different ages of people, among multiple industries and across departments. Tablets are helping to reinvent the sales profession by making it possible for sales reps to be productive about anywhere anytime. Instead of the smaller smart phones, we are seeing our clients embrace the use of tablets and related mobile technologies to provide their sales teams with valuable tools.  Tablets are replacing laptop computers and provide a helpful option to the smaller smart phones. Sales people are more engaged with capturing and sharing information as they work through daily, relationship building tasks.  With short taps and finger gestures, sales reps are using these devices to breeze through the humdrum tasks that need doing before and after the sales call - all making them more productive.


Better and Richer Information from Increased Engagement Occurs

Sales management who equips their sales reps with tablets will find, the reps access the CRM system more frequently than before. Tasks like researching the customer, scheduling sales appointments, and recording information are easier and more mobile than ever before. 

With today's technology you can do some Cool things and make your sales work more rewarding.


  • Speech to Text: Popping open a memo field and instead of typing, just talk about your recent meeting. Have the mobile device's web browser convert your speech into text.



  • Capture photos and attachments: Taking a snapshot photo of a product's use in the field and attach it to the customer contact and account. Great for historical reference.



  • View and resond socially: View social media responses from a key prospect such as a Linked-In update or tweet announcement on Twitter and quickly respond in your CRM system. Providing you helpful insights and capturing your responses in real time.


This increased engagement was obvious when a 50 plus sales team had sales reps more excited with the Saleslogix mobility options during some CRM educational training we provided.  Many had obtained an Apple iPad tablet or an Android Galaxy 10 inch tablet. Others were looking for the best options to supplement their smart phone or replace an aging laptop. Currently our recommendation is the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet.


It's just Easier

Tablets have a lot of the conveniences as smart phones do now, though their size makes a big difference in how they're used. The screen makes text and images more readable and easier to update. Bigger keys mean fewer mistakes and faster data entry. The larger display allows mobile software apps like Saleslogix mobile to adjust the about of information you want to see.  Easily drag open a more detail display of contact information or recent communications.  Also you can tap easily on drop down lists to quickly filter information and drill into that key information you are looking for.  Much less frustration finding and viewing information is a hit for sales team engagement.



When it comes to CRM benefits many companies are hesitant (or even late into the game) to integrate available technology to get the highest benefit. We live in an age that requires more than simple technology: we want information constantly. If you are thinking of CRM technology as being "plugged in" you need to change your attitude to "connected". A virtual world requires that your CRM be mobile ready with 24 hour access to employees and customers alike.


Additional resources:

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