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Everybody needs personal contact and the deeper understanding that this produces. Business owners thrive on it. Customers keep coming back because of it. Yet in our hectic days, how do we maintain those personal contacts?


Did you know that 70 percent of customers who defect to another business say they do so because they did not receive personal attention?
What would a tool be worth that enables you to keep track of who has communicated with you -- or not -- over the last 30 or 60 days? Which customer prefers phone calls, and who prefers email touches? Who responds to sales, and who likes insider information about new products?
You can gather and utilize a lot of client-specific information with a customer relationship management (CRM) system. This information improves your ability to generate value to the customer and thus revenue without losing the personal touch.


Real Life Business Relationship Development:

For instance, an Information Technology firm, identifies the hardware and software products that customers have purchased along with the related training classes.  They discover new insights about their customer's business and can engage more resources whether from them or a business partner to further the business value delivered to their customer.


A commercial paint manufacturer has an extensive customer quoting process that determines the exact specifications of customized products through a process of active listening and providing useful paint samples. The notes of the conversations are recorded in the CRM system.  Having a thorough understanding of the final product environment for the paint solidifies the customer relationship and retains profitable customers.  The CRM system equips this business with these capabilities.


Business relationship development is key for a large regional CPA and professional services firm.  Having easily accessible information at hand about the personal relationships and the client's business is important. Access to past engagements, financial reports and tax matters provides that all important 'holistic view'.  Also knowing that the partners, managers and staff are on target with their defined communications builds confidence in the professional services they provide leading to profitable client retention.


CRM systems and tools provide another benefit to the business owner as well. They make it easy to analyze which products or services clients like and which ones you might need to change or eliminate.  Identifying which services and support issues are reoccurring can quickly identify those products and service in need of attention.



In today's economic climate, the business owner who maintains personal contact and provides exceptional value with clients wins.
Every successful business needs a business development system to track details so time and energy remain for person-to-person contacts as well as for planning. A good system is the autonomous nerve center of your firm.
Healthy people don't have to think about breathing or digesting food. Our autonomous nervous system takes care of that, leaving us free to think about how we want to live. In the same way, robust systems support the way you want to do business.
Now more than ever, maintain personal contacts and your focus by reviewing your use of "systems" and "processes". Take the time to streamline them, and you won't regret it.


For a business conversation and to learn more about CRM options that fit you, give us a phone call (269-445-3001) or respond to one of our business offerings.

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