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Link IN to not be left OUT - Social media 101

LinkedIn is the most well-known of online social media sites for business.
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Forward - Is Your Marketing Content Wardrobe Complete?

Ardath Albee shows how smart business-to-business marketers learn about buyers in her book eMarketing Strategies for the Complex ...
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Success by honing your USP--Unique selling proposition

How do the strengths of your products and services match what your prospect or customer wants?
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Why should traditional businesses care about social media?

I often hear from my business-focused friends a question relating to social media:
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Core Beliefs for Business Success with CRM

I often hear the following key requirements from clients investigating CRM strategy and systems. We believe these relate to our ...
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Turn traditional selling around--Value creation selling

The heart of the new approach to selling is an intense focus on the prosperity of your customers. This is a radical departure ...
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CRM Is Understanding

 Are you really understanding your customer's world?   Understanding that comes from Customer Relationship Management  CRM - ...
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