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Delivering Compelling Value and 7 Step Framework

Delivering Compelling Value to Your Prospects and Customers Ok folks, we're not talking value here - we are talking about ...
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Persistence In Sales

The Need for Persistence in Sales and Delivering Value to your Customer The following was a presentation by the Michiana BNI ...
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Rewards Gained with Customer Relationship Management

"Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business approach that integrates people, process and technology to maximize ...
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Are You Delivering What Your Customer Expects? Everytime?

Let's face it, the customer is in control of your business. Your business success depends on your determination to create a ...
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Customers are In CONTROL of Your Company

Yes, it is true - Customers are in control of your company whether you realize it or not!
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ACT! by Sage Named Product of the Year Award winner

Julie and I are proud to announce that ACT! By Sage contact and customer management software was recently named Product of ...
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Are your missing out because sales reps are blind to social media?

In conversations with my CRM associate and daughter, Julie, we were discussing the rise of social media and how some sales people ...
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You might be a Social Media Left-Behind, Lost Survivor, Scaredy Cat..

You might be a Social Media Left-Behind, Lost Survivor, Scaredy Cat...
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Link IN to not be left OUT - Social media 101

LinkedIn is the most well-known of online social media sites for business.
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Forward - Is Your Marketing Content Wardrobe Complete?

Ardath Albee shows how smart business-to-business marketers learn about buyers in her book eMarketing Strategies for the Complex ...
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