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14 Questions to Ask Yourself When You're Listening-Part I

Marketers, sales people and customer service people listen to lots of people with different roles and concerns.  There are ...
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Must See - Powerful Social Media Presentations

Hubspot recently produced the 11 Killer Social Media Presentations Worth Watching article.  I want to share this Inbound ...
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Marketing in a Recession- Brains versus Budget

HubSpot has created a Great Audio/Visual presentation with valuable and practical ideas and actions for marketing in this ...
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Management/C-Level Business Benefits with CRM

When I'm communicating with entrepreneurs and executive management, we discuss the business benefits that matter most to them ...
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CRM Social Media Integration - but how does that help me?

One of the first questions I hear from my clients during End User training is, "Ok, I know that ACT! has integration with Social ...
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What root system supports your business relationships?

When I discuss social media with clients, we consider various methods of building relationships with people and the development ...
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27 Ways for Small Business to Gain from and Use LinkedIn

In this Executive Snapshot I'm going to cover 27 ways for a small business to gain and use LinkedIn Social Media.
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Social CRM - Enhances Value of People-centric CRM - Part III

Social CRM enhances the value to a people-centric CRM system thus providing more Business Success with CRM. Part I of Social ...
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Why do Customers Buy- you need to know for success with CRM?

Have you stopped to ask yourself why  your customers BUY?   What motivates them to engage you for your products or services? ...
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Why a Business Blog is Important - More Leads !

Need more evidence of Why a business blog is Important? 
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Customers are changing - How are you relating to them?

Social CRM vs. Traditional CRM: Part I Note: Parts I, II and III on Social CRM are adapted from material provided by Brent ...
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Why a Business Blog is Important

As you've probably heard, blogging is no longer just for narcissistic teenagers, political junkies, and cause-driven hippies.  A ...
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