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Target Marketing Customers by What's Important to Them

How about having targeted campaigns for customers that:
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7 Ideas for Marketing Automation with ACT! Smart Tasks

Nurture Prospects Automatically with Drip Marketing Create multi-step campaigns to nurture new leads and incorporate these Drip ...
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Your Business - The Game of Grow or Die - Is MORE

Businesses only exist because people want them to. People expect MORE every day.  Not only the people who work in the business, ...
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7 Ideas for Excellent Customer Service with Smart Tasks

Delivering Outstanding Customer Service Customer service is another great area to automate everyday tasks with ACT! contact ...
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Planning to Stay Successful, Avoid the Treadmill

You’re finally there. Your business is clicking. New ideas flow, you adjust to changes as nimbly as a sailor to the waves, and ...
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Business Blogging as Business Relationship Development

Business Blogging is  a valuable strategic tool in business relationship development. The primary power of your business blog is ...
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A 'Keep-In-Touch' Strategy - a Business Success Requirement

A Business Success Requirement- a Keep In Touch Strategy to stay Top of Mind You need to connect with potential clients many ...
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Reconnect before Business Relationships are Lost - Automatically

To stay at the "Top of Mind" of your customers and prospects is the purpose of your Keep in Touch strategy.   
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Entrepreneurs as Artists with Systems

Entrepreneurs are artists in a way. They create something based on a great idea, and then they sell it. Sometimes they have so ...
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Customer Retention as a Profit Center

The foundation of maximizing customer value has to be creating excellence in keeping and satisfifying customers!
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Using Google to the Fullest and Attract New Business

Google for new business developement and CRM You already know how to use Google and you probably use it every day. So do your ...
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