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Outgown your ACT! CRM System? Switch and Save with Saleslogix

Easily Move Up to More CRM System Capabilities

As a ACT! user, your business has relied on ACT! to manage the details of your customerSaleslogix_or_ACTrelationships. But as your business grows, you may need to evolve the way you manage customer relationships across your customer service, marketing, and sales teams.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution can help you manage and grow your relationships with customers and prospects by enabling all your teams to collaborate and respond promptly and knowledgably to customer inquiries and sales opportunities.

With SalesLogix CRM solution, you get unparalleled flexibility and functionality. You can select from flexible access and deployment options, including on premise, in the Cloud, and popular mobile devices. Your business can adapt and personalize SalesLogix to mirror your unique business processes, user preferences, and workflow automation needs. Purchase, finance, or subscribe to SalesLogix—the choice is yours.

Special ACT! customer discounts available. Call 269-445-3001 today
As an ACT! customer, you are eligible to receive special discounts when you make the move to SalesLogix, recouping up to 100% of your investment in ACT! (up to $10,000)1.


The SalesLogix Advantage:

  • SalesLogix offers robust functionality out of the box, or it can be customized to your unique business requirements.

  • Deploying SalesLogix in the Cloud reduces capital expenditures and gets you up and running quickly. It offers unique advantages such as flexible payment and subscription options; greater data storage on startup than other vendors; and ownership of your own data. SalesLogix Cloud includes services for a worry-free ownership experience like setup, online training, nightly backups, monitoring, database maintenance, and product support.

  • Easy to learn and use with a common, intuitive interface across access methods, SalesLogix takes far fewer clicks to accomplish routine tasks than other CRM solutions. In a recent Keystroke Level Modeling study, SalesLogix enabled users to be 16% more productive than Salesforce.com users.2

  • Since SalesLogix and ACT! have similar user interfaces, SalesLogix looks and feels like what your teams are using already, reducing their learning curve.

  • Startup help is available, with options for migrating your ACT! data into SalesLogix.

 If your business is outgrowing ACT!, consider SalesLogix from Swiftpage.


  Has your business evolved so much that you require a completely new CRM solution?

    Upgrade your  CRM Experience Now!



1 Credit is calculated as the original ACT! license purchase only, maintenance and support fees are not included as part of the credit.
2 Based on a Keystroke Level Modeling competitive study conducted by Sage and Measuring Usability, LLC in May 2009. Competitors include Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and Salesforce.com.

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