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Obtain a dynamic guidance system for your business with business process management CRM

The business landscape is changing faster all the time, requiring business stakeholders to work hard to keep up. At the same time, the value of human connections remains paramount. Neglecting either business processes or customer relationships will undercut business success in 2019 and beyond.

Leveraging technology innovation is one way to increase efficiency and the quality of customer experiences. We’ve been impressed with the capabilities of bpm’online, which is a solution whose elegant design supports both process management and customer relationships.

The mission of Creatio is “to help companies ACCELERATE!” The software answers the desperate need of successful businesses to respond to challenges with a higher level of agility. At its core is the belief that integrating all aspects of business process management will increase flexibility in this rapidly changing landscape and reach objectives faster.

GPS BPM-photoThink about how GPS revolutionized our driving. GPS is a guidance system that considers your starting place, the map between where you are and where you want to go, and real-time road/traffic conditions to provide dynamic directions for the best and most efficient travel experience. If GPS monitored your tire pressure, driving habits, fuel usage, the needs and satisfaction of your passengers, and guided you appropriately, it would come even closer as an analogy to what bpm’online can do as a dynamic guidance system for your business.

While Creatio (formally bpm'online)includes both out-of-the-box and customizable modules for all aspects of operations, we’d like to highlight the dramatic impact of its unique synergy of BPM (business process management) and CRM (customer relationship management) on sales and customer service.

Bpm’online restructures business procedures, including sales and customer service, into adaptable chunks of workflow. This applies to repeatable actions as well as unique situations that call for processes outside the norm. The system collects data  client notes, appointments, scheduling, payment methods, communication, etc.  and stores it in a single database, where it's analyzed along with data gained from past cases to streamline and guide future solutions.

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In the realm of sales, this dynamic case management improves how your team approaches opportunities with individual customers. Your sales process can be setup to follow the buying process while making sure nothing is forgotten and objectives are met for a pleasing customer experience. The follow is a detailed 5 stage process with specific steps for each stage.

 DCM opporuntity sales process


Another example of how process management can accelerate and personalize customer relationships can be seen in how implementation is carried out once you've won the opportunity.  This may be a simple process of sales order generation and thank you's to the generation of a linked project with defined phases and tasks for the implementation of your offering. 

 bpm'online video testimonial - watch now

Specific benefits that bpm’online can deliver to sales, service, and the overall the customer experience include:

  • Increased agility. The more nimbly you can respond to customers, the greater their satisfaction with your company and the more likely they'll be to tell their friends good things about their experience with you.
  • Heightened visibility. A dashboard customized to provide quick access to the data your team needs and shared by everyone who touches a customer enables a seamless customer experience with a consistent approach and information.
  • Cohesive collaboration. Your teams, from sales to marketing to IT support to billing to customer service, will experience more clarity about how their actions contribute to the big picture of customer experience and your business’s objectives. Uniting around a purpose will increase their productivity and commitment.
  • Deeper customer focus. By providing highly intentional, user-friendly, visual workflow guidance that streamlines and standardizes procedures, you empower your team to focus on delighting your customers by offering them experiences tailored to their preferences.
  • Increased cost efficiency. Businesses utilizing bpm’online solutions experience cost savings between 30% and 50% –and we all understand that keeping costs down benefits customers and our profits.



How could the synergy of BPM and CRM contribute to improving your customers’ positive experiences with you  and subsequently your business success in 2019?

We want to perform deep dives and invest in your business to understand what BPM could mean for you. Shall we have a strategy talk? The office line is open.


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