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Yes, Now IS the time to invest into CRM: Low-Code improves ROI

Many small to mid-sized businesses we see – and maybe you -- face the challenge of employees who have limited experience with digital applications like CRMs and therefore drag their feet when it comes to using them. Talented sales reps or customer service agents are usually not IT specialists, and sometimes they feel like that expensive CRM holds them back instead of making their work smoother and smarter. If only the business could afford to hire a developer to create a custom system. Sound familiar?

Creatio CRM is that system, and it doesn’t need a developer.

It’s a low-code, no-code solution, meaning deep IT resources aren’t needed to customize it for your team and your processes. It accelerates digital transformation with out-of-the-box functionality you can leverage right away. Then as you and your team work with it, you can adapt it on the fly to support the way you work, not the other way around. With Creatio, teams engage better and every customer-facing operation improves.

What to do next?

Sign up for this free webinar to learn how low-code technology can help build the case for investing in CRM in the time of COVID-19.

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  • Find out how CRM powered by low-code technology speeds up app delivery by citizen developers to solve competitive and market challenges while improving the bottom line
  • Learn how to build a business case that reveals and calculates the ROI and TCO of low-code CRM technology to drive revenue in ever-changing market conditions
  • Discover how to simultaneously reduce churn, lower sales turnover and cut costs with a unified low-code CRM solution that increases operational agility and flexibility.

5 Powerful aspects of low-code technology that strengthen your CRM

Top 3 Helpful Resources:

Dive deeper into low-code as a subject – read the most recent eBooks.

Low-code/no-code tools yourself! You can do so with Studio Creatio – an intelligent business process management and low-code platform.

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