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Workflow Improvements, low-code/no-code, digital transformation

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No-Code Makes Digital Workflow Accessible to All

Automation is here to remain competitive

We are living in a time of disruption. Businesses across the board need to be agile and flexible to stay competitive because change is happening so fast on so many levels. One characteristic of change is that digital workflows are disrupting every industry, from automotive and transportation to retail and financial services.

By definition, workflow is a sequence of tasks that form a process to accomplish a specific desired objective. When companies want to go paperless and automate processes, it’s time for them to leverage technological innovations so they can create digital workflows. Digital workflows transform experiences for customers as well as employees. Companies that stick with traditional workflow approaches find it difficult to compete.

In the context of customer relationships, workflows have traditionally been designed to move customers along the path from first contact to customer service. Let’s compare digital workflows to traditional ones in that context so you can see the difference at each stage of the customer relationship.  Read more about business success requires genuine care for customers, here.


Traditionally, sales reps make first contacts with prospects using defined steps and a script for the interaction. But today people want to be in charge of when and how they are contacted. Software such as Creatio CRM gives the freedom to set up custom apps for multi-channel communication according to their preferences and yours. Your sales team can build that relationship over chat, social media, traditional email, or phone.


Once a prospect is qualified, sales reps usually share a standard product presentation that includes lots of options. Digital workflow, however, at this stage has learned enough about the person to customize a hyper-personalized consultation, with product suggestions more closely aligned to the customer’s needs and desires.


This stage is where the back office usually gets involved, because it can be a heavy process with verifications, agreements, and accounts to set up. Companies using the one, unified platform of Creatio can create their own digital workflows to give the customer a stellar, coordinated experience, with seamless auto-checks and nearly invisible paperwork.


Once the goods or services are delivered, digital workflows using the same unified platform can automate check-in points for progress updates and multi-channels for service requests including robust self-service modes as well as options for interactions with service reps who are knowledgeable not only about the product but also about the specific customer.


As you can see, the demand for automation is accelerating. Yet the scarcity of developers limits the capacity to create the apps that run it. There are only 25 million developers available, while analysts project that 500 million apps will need to be developed in the next few years. At the same time, the workforce includes a pool of 1.7 billion knowledge workers who understand their workflows but who lack the tech skills to develop apps. What if your knowledge workers had the freedom to build the apps to drive digital workflows in your business? The answer lies with no-code software.

Creatio’s no code software requires no exceptional skills to automate enterprise workflows. It empowers knowledge workers to build apps without a line of code.

Creatio gives businesses like yours the freedom of unlimited customization and a universe of ready-to-use composable apps for a quick start.

Think of the freedom digitizing workflows can give you to engage your customers, partners, and employees in a whole new way. Contact us to discuss the possibilities to take your business to the next level.

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