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Creatio low-code (no-code) CRM provides productivity enhancements right out of the box. 

Creato provides a wealth of Guides on customizing Creatio configurations and adding custom functions using built-in no-code tools. Learn how to modify the User Interface, add custom sections, business logic, and analytics.  Increase productivity, user engagement and improve outcomes from a well-used CRM.

low-code/no-code development platform, like Creatio CRM, is a visual software development environment that allows citizen developers to drag and drop application components, connect them together and create a mobile or web app. Modules can be rearranged and repeatedly tested until the app works as expected. Low-code application in Creatio reduces the need to write code, and significantly increases the speed at which applications can be built, modified, and deployed.


Set up the tabs and tiles in the [Dashboards] section, customize [Analytics] view in other sections, add analytical widgets to section pages, customize different types of dashboards.  More examples of Creatio analytics and business intelligence.

    • Add analytics in a section
    • View analytics
    • Add analytics on the record page
    • Set up dashboards

Download Analytics PDF



User Interface and business logic customization

Create new sections or customize existing ones, set up the data structure, page fields, tabs, details, business rules, customize mini-pages. Creatio user interface - 5 innovations - examples.

    • Add new section
    • Customize an existing section
    • Add record pages
    • Set up page fields
    • Add mini pages
    • Set up page field groups and page tabs
    • Add dashboards as page widgets
    • Create new detail
    • Add an existing detail on the record page
    • Set up and manage a new business rule
      • Show/hide an element on page
      • Make a page field editable or locked
      • Make a page field required or optional
      • Filter values in a lookup field
      • Set field value
    • Add a BPMN business process to a section
    • Section Wizard FAQ

Download UI and business logic customization PDF

Creatio System Wizard Contact Section


Web services

Low-code integration with third-party web services, using the web-service integration to augment business logic, automate calling web services, and processing their responses via business processes.

    • Getting started
    • Add new web service integration
    • Web service authentication
    • Web service methods
    • Call web service from business process

Download Web service PDF


Artificial Intelligence tools

Create and train custom machine learning models, use AI to predict values in specific fields, calculate scores, and offer recommendations. Implement AI tools into custom business logic using business processes.

    • Lookup value prediction model
    • Numeric field value prediction
    • Predictive scoring
    • Recommendation prediction
    • Train prediction models
    • Implement prediction models

    Download AI tools PDF

Print-ready reports

Export Creatio data as print-ready MS Word documents. Set up the report data structure, use Creatio MS Word plugin to customize the report layout. Add custom reports to section lists and pages.

    • Set up Microsoft Word report - general procedure
    • Install Creatio plug-in for MS Word
    • Add a new MS Word report in Creatio
    • Set up the report in MS Word plug-in and upload it in Creatio

Download Print-ready reports PDF


Appearance customization

Customize UI color palette, add a corporate logo to the login and in-app pages, set up a custom name and icon for Creatio's browser tabs.  


Mobile apps setup

Using the Mobile App Wizard to customize the workplaces and sections available in the Creatio mobile app.

    •  Set up mobile app workplaces
    • Set up mobile application section list and section page
    • Set up mobile application detail

Download Mobile apps setup PDF


Custom localizationCreatio-mobile-screen

Use the [Translation] section to add custom localizations to Creatio or localize customizations, e.g., new functionality added as part of an implementation project.

    • Manage User Interface languages
    • Localize UI via the [Translation] section

Download Custom localization setup PDF


Apps and extensions

Use the [ Installed applications ] section to manage Creatio marketplace applications and add-ons.

The section features enable:

    • Installing applications for permanent or trial use.

    • Viewing the list of installed applications.

    • Purchasing and distributing licenses.

    • Uninstalling applications.

Download Apps and extensions PDF

The Creatio No-code Customization Guide PDF, download here.

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