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The Creatio team has released the No-code/Low-Codebuyers guide. If you are new to this technology or in a process of selecting the right vendor for your business, feel free to download your version via the link below.

This comprehensive guide for no-code buyers! This guidebook will help choose a no-code platform provider that perfectly matches the needs of businesses in a wide range of industries. The guide covers the full decision-making journey: from defining the initial goals and requirements to understanding the implementation models.

With this guidebook you will:

👉Get equipped with knowledge on how to choose the solution that will accelerate your business growth

👉Find a comprehensive checklist that will help you select the best software provider for your business needs

👉Learn how tech and digital leaders have leveraged low-code and no-code approaches to increase business resilience

Make a well-informed decision with the help of the Creatio guidebook. Check out the guidebook to navigate the no-code platform market with ease.

No code-Low code Buyers Guide by Creatio 2021

Although the decision-making process is not universal, you are more likely to match your requirements with the market offering perfectly if you follow all the steps listed in this eBook. Ideally, you want to define the goals, requirements, product ownership type, and complexity of planned use cases even before researching the vendors.

This guide is aimed at making navigation in the market more structured and efficient for you.  Download this ebook here.

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