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WOW - Quite a bit of User Interface Changes with Infor CRM Web client

The Infor CRM 8.1 Update 05 is the first manifestation of the investment Infor has made into the platform and contains a fresh new user interface and several notable features such as:

  • Detail view has more room for tabs and better support for scrolling through stacked tabs placed in the middle pane. The detail view splitter which separated the detail pane from the tabs is now optional. The detail view splitter is off by default but can be turned back on by an option in the master template.
  • Export filtered data to Microsoft Excel. In the past, the export to Excel feature would export the content of the group. Now the feature will filter the list based on look up results and it will filter exported data based on filter selection.
  • Dynamically filter reports and report history using filters. Reporting and report history views include dynamic list view filtering similar to other entities. For example, MainTable, Family, CreateUser and/or CreateDate.
  • New SData API support for filtering of Crystal Report templates and report history .
  • Improved History view experience and performance. Users can choose to view history based on if you are a primary contact or lead or across all participants and improves performance while viewing the list.
  • Improved attachments view. Attachments are now sorted by which attachments were most recently updated at the top of the list.
  • Several improvements to quality and performance. Faster navigation with large lists of groups and with groups with large sets of data.
  • New and Improved look and feel for the Web Client. Web Client user interface adopts the new Infor Hook & Loop rebranded styling, fonts, icons, and colors.
  • Optional bundles to apply login UI and help if the full model update cannot be immediately applied which enables the user interface to have a consistent, rebranded look and feel
  • Schema enhancements to enable ION integration and Sync for Exchange.
  • SData portal user authentication.


Update 05 introduces the new look and feel for the Infor CRM Web and Mobile clients along with 97 defect corrections combined. Key corrrections are:

  • Faster opening the Contact Detail view for Notes/History tab
  • When using the SendSLX or Record to History and there is a contact in the To field and the CC field - not "Could not process Send SLX message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
  • Miscellaneous items for Exporting the data.
  • Attachments sort by most current date at the top
  • When navigating between groups, corrected display of record count of a group. 

Within Outlook you'll notice updated toolbar icons:




         Infor_CRM_8.1_v05_Outlook_Send_to_Infor_icon            Infor_CRM_8.1_v05_Outlook_vCard_options


What's Next:

Upcoming releases include updates to Infor CRM Advanced Analytics, ION Integration to enable unification with ERP solutions, enhancements to Visual Analyzer, Xbar for Outlook v1.2, and much more!

User Interface Changes:

The new dashboard view, highlighting the new navigation, widgets, color and styling:



The new list view, highlightling the new grid and icons.



The new detail view, highlightling improved tab viewing and removal of the split view.


New filter options (right panel) to more quickly access the specific report:


 Learn about:



For a no obligation CRM Business conversation and demo give Dick a call:  

269-445-3001 or send an email:  Dick@SuccessWithCRM.com

Download the updated documentation and technical applying guides:

Infor CRM v8.1 Quick Reference Card

Getting Started with the Infor CRM Web client

Applying SNC Update 05 for Version 8.1

Applying the Web Core Update 05 for Version 8.1

Applying the Web Model Update 05 for Version 8.1

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