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New to CRM? What's in it for you, the sales person?

salesGuest Blog by Louis Presti - Regional Account Manager, West for Saleslogx.  You’re a salesperson, possibly a veteran salesperson. You typically hit your number and at times have crushed it. But now your employer wants to deploy a CRM tool across your company to be used by Marketing, Sales and Customer Service teams. Changes like this usually bring some anxiety and questions. Is management trying to micromanage you? Are they trying to get you to work harder? Will you be able to learn this new tool and still get your other job responsibilities competed?

These and other questions are likely to discourage you from embracing CRM. It is important to know how CRM can benefit you as a salesperson. The idea of CRM is not to increase your workload but to enable you to appropriately and effectively call on a wider customer/prospect base. Increasing your effectiveness as a sales person should ultimately affect your bottom line by allowing you to make more money.

Besides making money, what else is in it for you? Let’s a take a look at a few more ways CORE CRM can make your life easier and save time doing it.


1. Organizing the world in which you do business can be a great asset and huge time saver. If you take 10 sales reps and looked at their processes for organizing their business, you’ll likely get 10 different systems. Everything from post it notes, email filing methods to scribbles in a notebook will rear their ugly head if you care to look.These ways have become somewhat effective for the salesperson to stay on top of their highest priority opportunities but in many cases, the more voluminous, smaller deals can fall through the cracks. Being organized and diligent can help you properly serve all your prospects by keeping the sales cycle on track for EVERY opportunity by calling back when directed, getting proposals out in a timely manner and completing all action items as needed. 

2. Do you spend too much time selling and not enough time doing the busy work associated with your role? Unfortunately, this is never a problem with salespeople. Let’s face it; you’re in sales because you excel in the areas of building rapport, overcoming objectives and aligning your prospects with a solution that will meet their needs. Chances are your strengths are not in reporting on your activity and completing other calculations to help you determine your pipeline vs. forecast numbers etc. Unfortunately, a typical sales person only spends 36% of their time actually selling. When properly used, a CRM can automate many of the tedious manual processes that eat up time. Less time doing busy work allows salespeople more time to get back to calling and meeting with their customers and prospects.

3. Are you always able to get your work done at the office, in front of a computer?Chances are the answer to this question is no. Sales reps, whether inside or outside have the need to get meaningful and impactful work done from anywhere. Mobile CRM is a very real and impactful.way of keeping up with your prospects/customers and staying on top of time sensitive action items.

Mobile CRM platforms (Check out Saleslogix - Mobile 3.0!! ) not only allow for basic CRM actions to be performed by a salesperson in the field but it can be used as an impactful tool to present prospects/customers with live, instantaneous quotes while at their place of business or out on the town. Not only does producing real time leave behinds create credibility for you and your company it is a huge time saver and eliminates the quote request from falling through the cracks.

Crawl, Walk then Run with CRM

Understanding the potential benefits of using CRM to manage your day-to-day is great way to begin accepting the change that may be coming with the implementation of your company’s new CRM. In addition to the 3 areas discussed here, there are many other areas where CRM can benefit you as a salesperson. Like most salespeople who are new to CRM, you’ll likely begin to crawl, walk and eventually run on CRM. You’ll likely find that CRM will initially run in parallel with your existing processes and ultimately supplant antiquated manual process thus saving you time, enabling you to spend more time selling which will ultimately make you more money.


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