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Make your business work smarter, Creatio updates, Accelerate Business Transformation

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New sales, service, and marketing features in Creatio 7.16.2

We are proud to announce constantly improved features in Creatio 7.16.2 to accelerate sales, service, and marketing practices.  These are the most helpful features that we view to be valuable.

As of August 4, 2020 the 7.16.3 version is available. More here


  • Improved the navigation in the [Dashboards] section. You can now view dashboard tabs as a menu, filter the tabs, and add them to favorites. The dashboards that you add to favorites will display first in the list.

Adding dashboards to favorites

Dashboard favorites Creatio

  • Added new analytical dashboards for sales, orders, campaigns, and leads

New lead analytics dashboard


  • You can now copy an entire chart series. Use this to accelerate the creation of multi-series charts.

Copying a chart series


More...Creatio Business Intelligence and Analytics.

User Customization Tools

Section Wizard

Following the low-code/no-code foundation in Creatio these customizations tools have been enhanced.

  • You can now create new sections based on existing objects. Use the existing data objects and easily create related maintenance forms and analytical dashboards

Creating a section based on an existing object


  • You can now copy a section record page and customize it as a separate page

Copying a section page


  • You can now use business rules to populate or clear fields automatically. For example, a business rule for filtering cities by country can also automatically populate the [Country] field when the user populates the [City] field.

Populating and clearing fields automatically via a business rule



Core  Functions

  • All new queues now have the “Medium” priority and “Planned” status by default.

  • Emails with attachments are now marked with attachment.png in the communication panel.

  • Quoted previous email is now visually separated on the email page.

Quoted previous email on the email page



Marketing Creatio

  • Added integration with the SendGrid service for sending bulk emails and trigger emails. SendGrid has a delivery rate of 99.99%, as well as analytical dashboards for sales, orders, campaigns and provides real-time analytics. Contact Creatio support to switch your Creatio marketing email provider to SendGrid. You will need to verify your email domain before using SendGrid.

  • Improved usability of the campaign diagrams through an array of new cursor modes:

arrow_tool.png Arrow – regular mode for selecting separate elements.

lasso_tool.png Lasso – selecting multiple elements via a “drag box”.

space_tool.png Space – shift multiple elements horizontally or vertically (e.g., to create free space in the middle of a complex diagram).


Similar tools are already available in the Process Designer. For more on working with the diagrams, see “Business processes”.


  • You can now start sending bulk emails right after copying, without the need to save the template in the Content Designer.

  • Links in templates with the [HTML] blocks now display correctly. Previously, line breaks in the hyperlink code could interfere with link generation in the sent emails.

  • Content blocks now properly display after adding a new language to a service notification template and switching to that language tab.

Business Processes

  • There are several improvements in the diagramming, process log and most importantly the Process Designer.   Look for future blog article on the details.


More... Creatio Academy article on full list of updates.

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Download this 7.16.2 Release notes PDF

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Topics:   Make your business work smarter Creatio updates Accelerate Business Transformation

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