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bpm'online CRM, Change-Transformation

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Name change event ahead for bpm'online

“Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” —John F. Kennedy

Change your thoughts and you change your world.” —Norman Vincent Peale

Changes ahead newspaper notice bpmonline

Celebrate the bpm'online renaming event and be among the first to explore the new company name and identity.

Place in your schedule:  Wednesday, October 30th, 2019 at 10 am  EDT.  

Just a year ago McKinsey ran a huge survey on digital transformation. The consulting company conduced an online survey and collected responses from almost 1,800 participants representing the full range of regions, industries, company sizes, functional specialties, and tenures. One of the most critical finding was that “Success of digital transformation is two times higher when employees are empowered by self-serve technology”

That finding only reinforces the bpm'online vision that “We create a world, where any business idea can be automated in minutes”.

The people with bpm'online are working hard to help everyone become a developer, to build your unique solutions. With the evolution of the bpm'online platforms the end-users do not need technical skills to customize an application or build custom apps on bpm’online platform.

There has always been one thing that inspired us at bpm’online: the powerful, unique solutions you created on our platform. You use our platform and CRM solutions to bring your business ideas to life through automation.

Solutions that you create reflect unique differentiation of your companies, these solutions are you own creations.

The big day of renaming is October 30th. On this day you will see many changes

If you haven’t registered for the biggest and most eccentric online event in the company's history, now is the time! Get ready to enjoy the breathtaking and extreme show and watch 160 employees launch their new name in the sky!

Bpm’online is inviting everyone to join the celebration on October 30th. Exciting company updates and a look into the behind-the-scenes life of bpm’online are also on the agenda.

Register for event and get the latest!


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