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More Wins and Effectiveness with One Integrated System

Selling could be more Effective

While visiting with a growing small business founder and CEO recently, Robert mentioned that one of the keyIntegrating_disparate_systems_enjoy_88_percent_greater_revenue.jpg challenges in the business was to have a more integrated system and not so many parts and pieces that are not talking with each other. There were segmented groups of people (silos) that were not working as a fully functioning team.  Information with one group was not easily shared with another group.  Robert wanted help in designing and creating an "integrated CRM system".  He had read the Aberdeen Group report that "businesses integrating disparate systems enjoy an 88% greater year-over-year increase annual revenue compared to others".


Roberts' current group of silos caused issues with incomplete information from customer service when the sales account rep was communicating with key customers.  He mentioned that their Salesforce.com system did not contain the issues and resolutions from customer service and support.  The sales rep would get blindsided when talking with the customer's contact because some customer service issue was still unresolved.  The customer's satisfaction was not met, let alone exceeded.  The sales rep could have been prepared if their CRM system integrated the sales information with the customer service information easily.  If that had been the case, the sales reps' conversation could have been better prepared, the resolution expedited and the customer getting the satisfaction they needed.  It could have been better yet, if the sales rep could have reported on the issue's resolution quickly to the decision maker they were engaging!   

More wins from the selling team can occur - when what is learned from the data inside CRM is applied. Marketing will be able to identify the interests of the CRM contacts and use personalized information for more effective nurturing so a sales ready lead is developed.  Even current customers who receive marketing content can be measured on the relevance of the content at a specific time.  Sales reps love to have hot contact lists scored on importance to the reader interests!  An integrated system helps selling to be more effective. 

Marketing could be more Effective

Your business marketing could be much more effective if the sales and marketing departments has access to the type of issues reported within the customer service department. It may be discovered that some service which was delivered was not clear enough to the customer and caused an issue.  Maybe there was some training that got missed or education that was not transferred to the new customer on how a service, software or product was to be used.

The sales team can provide help to marketing with intelligent documentation of key characteristics they need to move the sale forward and meet the needs of the prospective customer.  It may be information about the way a product or service is delivered. It may be characteristics of a person as to their motivations within the company. We have seen where key, identified contact characteristics that the sales rep picks up on a phone call make the connection of marketing much more effective.

Marketing analytics Creatio

4 Key challenges addressed with Integrated CRM and emarketing

Integrated Marketing automation Simplified Solution

Customer Service could be more Effective

Suppose you are a CSR, customer service representative, and you get an inbound phone call. You lookup the contact and find the related company information but you are blind to what this customer has purchased from you, when was it purchased and if there is any warranty considerations.  You cannot see that the contact has recently purchased a specific service offering that requires a high level of technical understanding.  You are left blindsided and having to ask basic questions to a frustrated customer.  

Instead with an Integrated CRM system the CSR could click on the sales history tab and notice what was most recently been purchased.  They could view the communications that lead up to the purchase and move much more effectively to providing smart information to the frustrated customer. A win-win occurs. 

The Aberdeen Group report stated that companies with integrated systems reduced customer care costs by 12.1% annually.  How does that work for your business?



Management Decisions could be more Effective

Executives make critical decisions daily that have a long-lasting impact on the business customers and employees.  There is no time to do delve into the details so they have holistic roll ups of key insights about the customers, the sales pipeline, the customer service resolutions and how the employees are doing.  An integrated system will provide these 360 degree views of the customers and more important how the business itself is doing.  


CRM management dashboards provide instant access to how the business is doing. Now this is what I call visual integration....from lead, to opportunities won, to excellence in customer satisfaction.

Lead metrics in Creatio


Service metrics in Creatio

Creatio service cases current status dashboard

Staff and employees could be more Effective

Personal productivity increases by CRM users who are communicating each day with prospects, customers and strategic partners.  So the business email system like Outlook or Gmail must be deeply integrated and made automate with CRM.  As the users moves through their Inbox, viewable in CRM, the related contact details are available with more helpful information to make the day flow smoothly.  

Also when a outgoing call is to occur, the CRM user can visit the contact record and obtain a quick 'contact timeline' overview of past historical communications and internal operations with your business associates. A great way to be informed quickly.

Account activity timeline-Creatio-bpmonline CRM

Today your team can create more wins and increase effectiveness when your CRM is integrated.

Aberdeen Group report stated that "businesses integrating disparate systems enjoy an 88% greater year-over-year increase annual revenue compared to others".

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