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More comprehensive tools to improve efficiency, generate leads

Bpm'online introduces new solutions and templates on bpm'online marketplace for increased operational excellence.bpmonline market place-success with CRM--2

Discover the comprehensive tools to improve efficiency of your day-to-day operations, generate more leads and increase customer loyalty

Excel pivot report for bpm'online
The tool is designed to help you easily configure summary reports in the bpm'online system and import them to Excel. Create pivot tables for objects in bpm'online and filter source data that should be included in the report. Setting up reports, for instance, on successful sales for a selected period, is much easier with this solution.  Price: Free.

  • Set the selection criteria, like closed opportunities for last month.
  • View the selected records from bpm'online

bpmonline list view for pivot report

  • View the Excel pivot report

Excel pivot report from opportunities


Stacked tabs for bpm'online
Advanced add-on that provides users with the ability to customize the tabs in bpm'online. Users can switch between the standard scrolling tabs or see all tabs stacked at once. Price: Free.

CallHelper connector for bpm'online
An easy-to-use connector that enables creating and editing sales scripts for call center agents in a user-friendly visual editor. With CallHelper, managing sales scripts and customer data during calls becomes much easier. Price: $499/years (20 users).

Filter highlighting for bpm'online
A powerful tool that allows users to see when any section list is filtered and highlights selected folders when the folder list is closed. Price:Free

Salesforce data import for bpm'online
The application allows users to easily migrate data from Salesforce to bpm’online, built on Bridgeports Integration Service. In a few easy steps, you can securely migrate entities of your choice to bpm’online. Price: on-demand.

Calculated charts for bpm'online
An effective add-on that expands options for the dashboards in bpm’online. It allows for building charts with data calculated with formulas. Price: $250/year.

Cardin for Gmail connector for bpm'online
A useful tool that connects bpm’online to your Gmail account. Every time you receive an email, information about the sender is parsed from bpm’online, so that you can see detailed information about the sender: job title, mobile phone, birthday date, etc. Price: Free

Popup element in business processes
A wonderful tool that allows users to add popup window in business process to provide additional information to a specified user. Price: Free

Contact's current service status
An excellent tool that helps to easily review current key service indicators for a selected contact in order to plan an appropriate communication during cases processing. Price: Free

More useful applications are available on the bpm’online marketplace.

About bpm’online
Bpm'online is a global business software company leading in the space of business process automation and CRM. The company has been highly recognized as a market leader by key industry analysts. Its intelligent platform accelerates sales, marketing, service and operations for thousands of customers and hundreds of partners worldwide. The mission of bpm’online is to help companies ACCELERATE!

For more information, please visit www.bpmonline.com


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