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Last week in "From Samples to Sales...",  I wrote about helping one of our customers, a business I’ll call D.M. Coatings, grow a new customer base by using capabilities of their CRM system they didn’t know it had. Let’s pick up that story where we left off.

Because they were reaching into a new segment of their market, they were hiring sales force left and right. Tom, who had been with the company for 12 years and was now functioning as general industries sales manager, wanted those new hires to consistently capture customer information. He also noticed, though, that in the field they all were using their smart phones to make notes that too often did not get transferred to their CRM database back at the office. Tom knew he had to make it as simple as possible for sales people to enter and access information. So he was intrigued when I showed him how CRM  had transitioned to a web app instead of being solely Windows based, and therefore could be accessed and immediately updated by mobile devices.





I had brought along my IPad and was using it in my presentation. When I showed him what the Creati0 dashboard looked like on it, and how the device could also be used in his presentations to customers, I could see his mind start to calculate the empowerment his sales force would gain by a company investment in mobile technology and mobile CRM.

Our first step was to upgrade their Windows system. Then I installed the latest Creatio with web and mobile access built in. Now we are getting a small group of sales people up and going on it as a pilot. They'll first start on the web user interface, and then to mobile, building success upon success. They will provide the head start to successful company-wide adaptation.

Next Steps:

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