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So it’s that time of year again printing off the mailing labels out of your ACT! database to send out holiday promotions, thanking customers for their business this past year, or drumming up new business for the upcoming New Year.

How do you know what really drew them in?

Emarketing Holiday Template ExampleWouldn’t it be more beneficial if you had a measurable list that showed what consumers were interested in the 32” TV and went to your website to find out more? 

ACT! marketing automation (Swiftpage)-integrated email marketing platform, makes email marketing to your contacts a snap. Simply create your email template using their easy-to-use template editor, look up the contacts in ACT! you want to receive the template and send it to the entire list in just a few clicks (no list importing required)!


Best of all, the Swiftpage tools allow you to create beautiful, professional, custom email templates that can be used for a variety of purposes – newsletters, invitations, product and service announcements, sales promotions, and more!

The first quarter of the year will be an extremely crucial time for retention, because hopefully your holiday campaigns were so successful, that you find yourself inundated with new customers and prospects. And if you are on top of things, your holiday emails are either being tee’d up this very moment or have already been chucked down some chimneys, so now is the time to think about what needs to happen after January 1.

Ask yourself, “What is the message that needs to be conveyed after someone has purchased, trialed, or come into contact with our offering?” Email is the perfect way to touch base with tactfulness, and is essentially a touching point, regardless of how your relationship with a particular customer was started.

So one example could be sending an email to Joe Smith from XYZ Corp. who purchased your special holiday offering, and thanking him for his purchase and also “Hey, we think you might find these other unique offerings of interest as well.” Here is someone who has essentially been completely catered to and taken care of and can easily become a repeat buyer. Why not follow up with everyone and do it while you are still fresh in their minds?

When the holiday season hits, email inboxes become flooded with holiday promotions. A recent study by Experian revealed that email volume increases over 20% as the holiday season draws nearer. With the onslaught of emails, how can yours stand out? Many email marketers schedule their sends for before 9 a.m. Avoid the busiest times to send by sending your email later in the day. .

Want to know more…

If you are interested in getting started with email marketing through  ACT! getting a 15 Day Free Trial, or if you are looking for new, advanced ideas for your email marketing initiatives, give us a call 269-445-3001.

I can walk you through the process so you can manage smart email campaigns with ease!

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