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Ideas for Maximizing Sales Activities with Saleslogix CRM

Your sales team has finite resources - in the form of time, attention and dollars. Saleslogix can help improve productivity and spend more of your time on the sales activities that have the biggest impact on the bottom line.


How a sales rep's time breaks down:

  • 34.7 % in-person and phone sales
  • 23.9% lead generation and research
  • 15.2% post sales
  • 15.6% meetings and admin
  • 10.7% Other (training, travel)


Questions to Maximize Sales activties

652 Hours Selling In-Person or by Phone

Could you increase quota attainment for your team if you had access to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), sales forecasting dashboards and other management analytics?


449 Hours Lead Generation & Account Research

How many research hours could be saved with an instant, view of each prospect's LinkedIn profile, social media activity, and past sales interactions in one place?  11.8% increase in sales productivity is observed when using social CRM.3


293 Hours of Meetings and Administrative Tasks

What if you could go from email to action by using CRM from within your Outlook. Over 2 hours of an average "interaction worker's" day is spent dealing with email.4


286 Hours Order Processing & Account Management

How much faster would account service be if you had the customer's complete order history and customer service notes at your fingertips?


201 Hours "Other" - Including Training and Travel

What if airport or hotel time could be as productive as the office with mobile CRM? 14.6% increase in sales productivity can be achieved with mobile CRM.5


These aren't just "what-if" hypotheticals...

Each of the questions above reference time-saving sales enablement functionality found in Saleslogix. 20+ years of purposeful innovation is built into Saleslogix. It's a CRM your business will actually use.

Download infographic: Maximizing sales activities with CRM PDF



Find out why Saleslogix has your CRM Inside.  For questions, call 269-445-3001

1 Assumes three weeks of paid time off and 10 federal holidays per year.2 CSO Insights, 2013 Sales Performance Optimization survey3 Nucleus Research, 20124 Michael Chui et al, "The social technologies," McKinsey Global Institute, 20125 Nucleus Research, 2012


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