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Marketing Updates -Creatio v 7.18

We are excited to have these Marketing Creatio improvements in the latest Creatio version 7.18, available first of June 2021.  These focus on managing email delivery schedule, priority, canceling, and BPMN landing page new element.

Please, make sure your Mobile Creatio application is updated to the latest version for the best performance.

Video covering the Creation 7.18 highlights.

The update guide for the on-site applications is available in a separate article.


Email delivery schedule

  • It is now possible to send out emails on a set schedule by configuring the settings in the email parameters. You can select:

    • Delivery mode: every day or specific days of the week
    • Email delivery time: for example, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
    • Time zone for email delivery time.

    Read more: Set up the email delivery schedule.

    Setting up the delivery schedule



Email sending priority

  • Added an option to specify the email sending priority. For instance, you can configure the email priority so that registration confirmation emails are sent earlier than news digests.

    Read more: Set up the email priority.

    Setting up the sending priority


Email throttling

  • You can now throttle emails to send them gradually. This lets you warm up the cold audience and improve the sender domain reputation. Throttling divides a large list of recipients into several parts. Creatio will forward the parts to the email provider one by one during a specified time period. This approach will help you to improve the email delivery rate and avoid the diversion of emails into the “Spam” folder or bounces.

    You can establish several outgoing queues to segment different cold contact lists and warm them up individually.

    Read more: Set up the email throttling queue.

Setting up the throttling


Email expiration date

  • Added an option to specify the date and time when Creatio will stop sending the email regardless of whether it processed all recipients. This is important when sending time-sensitive content, such as special offers or event invites.

    Creatio stops processing recipients after the expiration date. However, the email provider will send the emails to the recipients it has already received from Creatio.

    Read more: Set up the email expiration date.


Email canceling

  • It is now possible to manually cancel an active email regardless of its status. Click [ Stop sending ] to cancel the email. Once you select this option, Creatio stops processing recipients. However, the email provider will send the emails to recipients it has already received from Creatio. If you click [ Stop sending ] in an email with the “Preparing to send” status, you will be able to edit the email and restart it. It is not possible to restart emails with other statuses.

Business Process Management

[Landing Page] element 

  • A new [Landing Page] campaign element has been added.  You can use this element to integrated landing pages with campaigns in several ways:
    • If the element has no incoming flows, it will add all contacts who submitted the web form on the landing page to the list of campaign participants.
    • If the element has incoming flows. it will also be able to track the existing participant's responses

The [Landing page] element in a campaign flow



Campaign flow analytics update

  • Improved the analytics UI on the campaign page.  It is now easier to compare the number of campaign participants during each stage.
  • Added checkboxes that toggle participant counters.

Campaign participant counters

Campaign_participant-countersSave the element settings

  • It is now possible to save the campaign element settings and use them in any campaign when setting up similar elements in the future

Saving the element settings



Creatio Academy - full set of 7.18.0 release notes here

Download PDF- What's New in Version 7.18

The "How to update" guide for the on-site applications is available in a separate article.

What is new and valuable from Creatio updates


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