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Make your business work smarter, Accelerate Business Transformation, Make sense of what you face

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Making sense of the path ahead: Move Beyond the Status Quo

The status quo is not always safe.

Markets and economies change. Technology innovations or competitors might be breathing down your neck or even passing you by. You might want to develop and launch new business offerings. Whatever the challenges, how can you make sense of what will need to improve to see each as an opportunity? How can you be agile and focused at the same time?

More than at any other time in history, we have access to a myriad of options no matter what we want. Have you heard of choice overload? It’s when we have so many options that we feel too overwhelmed to decide. So, we opt to not make a choice and stick with the status quo. Yet this is still a decision. Too often the result is either missing an opportunity or not averting disaster.

Like we said, the status quo is not always safe. Sure, we might temporarily tell ourselves that things are satisfactory just the way they are. But is satisfactory really good enough? Don’t we want excellence? Yes! Which brings us back to the need to demystify the path to improvement.

As CRM consultants, we have helped many small to midsized organizations like yours make sense of what can be gained by strategically improving and how to simplify the options available to them. Our clients experience a process with us that starts with questions like these.

4 Questions to Make Sense of the Path to Opportunity

Why is change needed?

The trick with “why” questions is that, just like a preschooler, you need to keep asking. Each answer you get, ask “why” again. Drill down till you get to the drivers at the root. In the process you will likely discover a network of related areas to address in your change initiative.

What’s your end goal?

What will your processes, team, customer loyalty, and business development look like in 3-5 years, if the improvements bring the results you want?  What are the defined outcomes you expect to accomplish with your team and your CRM system?

What specific changes can catapult you forward?

Sometimes you need to rearrange your team or add new hires. Sometimes the bottleneck is outdated technology that causes more headaches than the value it gives. Your employers end up feeling like they are working for the software instead of it working for them. Not good. Perhaps you’ve got longstanding business processes that are simply no longer efficient for how staff and customers expect things to work in 2020. If that’s the case now, how will those processes carry you into the future?

Do you know everything you need to know?

Probably not, because none of us do. Going in with the attitude of a learner and fostering it in others is a strength all good leaders share. What experts will you ask and what research can you tap into to inform your next steps?

We all know that when we are too close to a situation, our lens can become fixed and we miss either details or the big picture. That’s not a fault; it’s just human psychology. The job of a consultant is to ask probing questions, listen well, and provide a needed objective perspective.

Next Action Steps

As a CRM consulting partner, our priority is to help you make sense of what your business can gain by implementing Creatio’s solution that combines business process management with customer relationship management. When you are ready to make strategic improvements that will catapult you forward, Creatio is a strong option with great ROI as it accelerates your transformation.

But let’s start with the questions. We’re in learner mode, about you. Contact us to schedule an initial conversation about your organization’s potential to move beyond the status quo and into the future you desire.

Let's start a conversation about your potential better future:  269-445-3001 or email me.


Topics:   Make your business work smarter Accelerate Business Transformation Make sense of what you face

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