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Making sense of business in post-pandemic world

How Resilient Is Your Business?

Like it or not, there’s no going back to a pre-pandemic world.

Of course we look forward to the time when we can safely resume a full range of social and economic activities, but it’s myopic to think we’ll be doing so in the same kind of world as 2019. Individuals, businesses, and all levels of our society will never be the same. We’ve had to adapt in 2020 if we wanted to survive, and It has become more obvious than ever that adaptations will continue to be necessary in a rapidly changing world.

We recently read a book called Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World that we think does a good job of analyzing world affairs and recommending ways to move forward in response to trends.

10 lessons for a post-pandemic World

This is not just another book by a futurist. The author, journalist Fareed Zakaria, uses his first chapter to tell us to “buckle up,” as he describes how even pre-COVID-19, we “created a world that is always in overdrive.” He points out that we already were experiencing climate crisis, terrorism (including cyber), and economic imbalances, all of which have enormous impacts on business. That scenario made a pandemic more likely and all the disruption we’re experiencing raises the probability of global instability.

If we aren’t feeling urgency, we aren’t paying attention.

To meet the challenges, digital transformation is becoming even more vital to the success of small to mid-sized businesses.

3 Ways to Increase Business Resilience

Take, for instance, the distribution and supply-chain industry. Challenges of the post-pandemic world are intensifying trends identified for 2021 by forecasters like Dan Weinberger, contributor to Supply Chain Brain. Here are three:

AI-driven insights. When so much is unpredictable, identifying and analyzing patterns wherever possible becomes even more important. Artificial intelligence, which is being built into more and more business technology, broadens those possibilities, as it can process quantities of data in innovative ways for better decision making, which leads to more predictable results.

Agility. Shocks like natural disasters, financial crashes, terrorism, and pandemic will tank a distribution enterprise if it is not flexible. People and systems will need to be able to make changes swiftly and wisely. Creatio saw the need for this pre-pandemic and built its CRM and business process management solution on a low-code platform to give businesses the agility to keep pace as needs change.

Custom shipments. Business customers expect unique service when it comes to delivery that meets their needs. When a crisis hits, requests become even more specialized, and carriers may need to be altered. Suppliers who can match and even exceed expectations will win loyalty. The only way to give customized experiences is to have a system that increases your knowledge of customers and automates standard operating procedures to free up bandwidth of staff for special attention.

We’ve used distributors as one example of how an industry will need to transform to meet challenges in our rapidly changing world. For others, the details may be different but meeting the challenges will require similar strategies.

As a business owner, how can you increase your resilience and prepare to keep pace when changes and even disruption in our world are accelerating? To meet the challenges requires agility in your people, processes, and technology.


Our goal is to help businesses like yours assure alignment of all three to accelerate your digital transformation proactively using Creatio CRM’s low-code platform.

Do you have a plan to accelerate your business transformation in 2021? We’re here to help. Contact us to discuss your challenges as well as the possibilities.


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Topics:   low-code/no-code Risk Reduction Make sense of what you face

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