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How can you maintain a consistent and full pipeline using CRM?


In our series, Make your business smarter - with a CRM Foundation, we are focusing on a few key questions to get you thinking.  See if these resonate with you.

The introduction starts here.... with "Is there a better way to acquire, retain and develop profitable customers"?


So often we hear of businesses that are plagued with pipeline inconsistency. Is yours? It could be that your business is cyclical or that sporadic marketing efforts produce sporadic results. Another reason is not having a central place to store all of your contact, account and opportunity information. A consistent pipeline allows you to plan better and evens out your cash flow.  A CRM system can provide a consistent but adaptable sales process for your salesforce to follow and stay on track.  New members of your sales team can get up to speed faster with easy access to contact information and insights about prior relationships. 

Most businesses today have to manage with fewer people. Smart businesses have automated many marketing processes as well as put mechanisms in place that measure marketing results. Customer relationship management applications can be tailored to automate and help manage your workflow so nothing gets overlooked. It may be a drip marketing campaign to stay top of mind with your prospects or your existing customers.  Better yet, use the knowledge about your customers from your CRM system to have a more personal conversation and also use that intelligence in a nurtured marketing strategy.


Article #3  How can your company stay top of mind with your customers & prospects?

Article #4: Taking Sales and Service to the Next Level.


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