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Strategic Business Development with CRM Series:


You run a pretty good business.  Sure, there have been some ups and downs, not surprising with the volatility of the economy.  Your ideas are innovative, well-executed and even documented so processes are repeatable.  You have provided the appropriate services to the right clients. You have hired talented people who share your vision. You absolutely care about your clients and are passionate about what you provide them.

After employees, clients are the greatest asset a professional service firm has. Providing your clients with knowledge and value further deepens the relationship you have with them.  Therefore it's necessary to continually assess and refine your client relationship strategies.


If you haven’t taken a long hard look at your business lately, maybe

 it’s time to. In this business development with CRM series we'll be covering key questions to get you thinking and point you to some helpful resources. See if anything resonates with you. 


Is there a better way to acquire, retain and develop profitable customers?

  • How are you managing your client relationships today?
  • Do you have a sales-force in which the salesperson owns the relationship with the client?
  • Is your client information centralized where everyone has access to it? Or is everyone using their own system – from simple contact managers to spreadsheets to sticky notes?
  • Are you tracking meaningful data on your clients so you can learn more about what your ideal client’s characteristics are?

Having one central database that is easily accessible for those who work with your clients is crucial to ongoing success.

Knowing and understanding who your clients are enables you to go out and find more clients like them.


Article #2  How can you maintain a full and consistent pipeline

Article #3  How can your company stay top of mind with your customers & prospects?

Article #4: Taking Sales and Service to the Next Level.


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