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What is BPM: Workflow Management Software?

Business Process Management: Workflow management software presents a combination of tools developed for fashioning, monitoring, and analyzing a group of tasks. This software provides an insight into the infrastructure of projects; it helps you manage your activities, monitor their progress, and analyze them.

What Makes This  Software Necessary?

Upon the implementation of this software, you’ll be able to see significant positive changes.

For starters, you’ll be able to visualize the infrastructure of your company, learn about all the little gears and processes it’s made of. This data will be simple to interpret thanks to the transparent dashboards and the analytics tools Creatio software offers, so you’ll be able to make immediate changes wherever you see fit.

Thanks to workflow management software, you’ll be able to automate unstructured processes. This will streamline your workflow even further.

Not only will you be able to manage activities: develop them, measure their values, correct and analyze them – but you’ll also be able to automate them. Once you develop a process that consists of repetitive tasks, it no longer requires your attention, and it can be automated.

The workflow management software platform will enable you to gain a 360-degree view of all processes in your company.  You'll be able to gather precise data on:

  • the flow (steps) of each process;
  • its duration;
  • the time necessary for its execution;
  • an overview of your employee's progress (you will be able to see who is responsible for a task as well as how close they are to completing it).

Four purposes of workflow management software

  1. There are many software solutions that can be used to regulate workflow and gain control over all ongoing projects, so choosing the right option isn’t a simple task. Interestingly enough, over 40% of managers still refuse to use a proper tool.
  2. That’s because over 70% of them don’t believe such software can bring value to their business. A lot of managers are afraid that tools will collapse, and they will end up losing data. This problem is a result of them being completely uninformed.
  3. Did you know that for every billion dollars that went to the United States, over one hundred million vanished into the unknown, or was wasted due to improper team management? Normally, business could lose a lot of money because of the management’s inability to delegate tasks effectively. They cannot control core processes without proper access to every step.
  4. For that reason, you need an instrument to help you to develop, change, and align all processes in your company as well as have a clear picture of what is happening in general or in every particular case.

Creatio Business Process - Workflow Management Software

bpmonline_workflowCreatio has a mission to build useful tools that can help you enhance the productivity of your business. Therefore, this workflow management software is designed to help you manage your workflow with ease.

First of all, this is a low-code platform – meaning you don’t have to possess a lot of technical skills in order to master the workflow management software platform. Being simple to navigate, this software doesn’t have a steep learning curve. You can use your intuition for the most part and, if you do run into problems, you can contact Customer Success Managers and the Creatio academy to learn how to take full advantage.

Furthermore, our workflow management software is cloud-based. It allows you to use the app on multiple devices anywhere, manage your business processes on the go, communicate with your field team, and a lot of other functions – all you need is an internet connection.

Creatio visual BPM- Contracting process:

Contracting Process map

Measure Progress and Visualization

What will revolutionize your business from the inside is the fact that you’ll be able to keep a close eye on every process that occurs within your company.

As a matter of fact, with this software, you’ll also be able to manage unstructured processes with the help of extensive Dynamic Case Management tools. There is an intuitive Case Designer that has a drag-n-drop feature, so it is safe to say that you will be able to set everything up fast.

The purpose of Dynamic Case Management is to help you regulate unstructured activities, classify, and sort them out with ease.

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Each of the tools at Creatio is a result of thorough research and years of experience. The software can be applied to any company and any industry – the sooner you test it, the faster you’ll be able to enhance the functionality of your company.


Creatio CRM software with BPM delivers end-to-end processes to manage a complete customer journey – from lead to order, and to ongoing account maintenance

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