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Business Transformation, Creatio CRM, digital transformation

3 Min Read

Major Challenges CIO and Digital Leaders Face in Digital Transformation

Are you a  CIO or digital leader facing challenges in our Age of Digital Transformation?

Why you should attend

  • Join open discussion with leading digital experts
  • Share your thoughts on emerging tech challenges
  • Generate ideas together with your peers and find practical solutions while brainstorming

Major-challenges-CIO-and-digital-leaders-face-in-age-of digital-transformation


What you'll learn:

Considering the rapid progression & wide-ranging impacts of COVID-19 on the global economy, CIOs and Digital Leaders are the ones on the front line helping businesses respond to drastic changes. They have to define priorities quickly, invest in tech wisely, prevent resource scarcity, and make sure employees are working efficiently from home. 

Creatio is calling all CIOs and Digital Leaders to connect with like-minded peers to discuss challenges we face in the age of digital transformation and share your strategies on how to mitigate the consequences of the current corona crisis. 

We are happy to offer you a live peer-to-peer discussion via Zoom, moderated by Creatio Sales Enablement Director Erik Hale.

No agenda to follow; only critical questions that are relevant for digital leaders and CIOs in every organization.



Topics:   Business Transformation Creatio CRM digital transformation

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