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3 Business Growth Challenges Solved with ACT Hosted Subscription

Helping small businesses centralized multiple disconnected databases into one.ACT_Hosted_In_The_Cloud

Business Growth Challenge #1: Your company has 6 ACT Pro users all with their own database.  There is no companywide shared information about prospects, customers and related conversations.

Each of the ACT Pro users are using a different version of ACT for Windows (ACT 2012, 2013 and 2014) on their local PC's. This company doesn't want to have a large capital purchase of software and IT to support the businesse's new growth needs.

To eliminate the headaches and inefficiencies from the multiple disconnected sources of information, a shared centralized database with 24x7x365 access via Internet Browser or Mobile device, effectively organizes and utilized the information needed for long-term company growth.

When moving to the ACT Hosted Premium subscription, the company could better budget overhead with a subscription-based model. As internet bandwidth increases and networks become more robust, stable and secure, more small businesses are choosing to adopt 'cloud based' CRM solutions.


Benefit Highlights of ACT! Premium Cloud Subscription:

  • Secure Cloud Hosting Services by Swiftpage ACT!
    • No server or network investment
  • With an Annual subscription, you are getting two months of service for free!
  • Instant online and mobile access to your ACT data
  • Access ACT! data on your Mac
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • No software to install with ACT for Web
  • Phone & email support included
  • ACT Emarketing Basic Tier
  • No contracts

ACT Emarketing Integration Included with Subscription Based Model

Business Growth Challenge #2: Sales reps are still using Outlook to send out commercial email campaigns (email blasts). There can be some serious penalties for anyone who doesn't adhere to the CAM-SPAM Act rules not to mention the loss of open and click results.

This company needed a solid, trusted, industry leading service that offers everything you need to run a successful email campaign with integration to a centralized ACT! CRM system - Act! Emarketing provides a cost-effective way to grow your business by regularly communicating with your customers and prospects with the right message at the right time.  Call lists automatically recommend hot leads to follow up with to generate sales.

Learn more about the hidden costs when sending mass emails from Outlook - Blog>

Benefit Highlights of ACT! Emarketing Basic Tier:

  • Price = Included in the ACT Hosted Premium
  • Send unlimited emails to 500 contacts
  • One-click access to segmenting lists and groups
  • easy-to-analyze graphs an detailed reports - including Opens, clicks bounces, opt-outs and more.
  • Intelligently prioritize lists of contacts to follow up with first
  • Integration with ACT! allows you to easily create Histories, Activities, Lookups - right from the contact with the Call list.
  • 100+ customizable templates


Learn to Make Lead Capture Easy:

Gain Valuable Market and Product Insights with CRM Emarketing Integration - Blog>

Access Your Data on the Move with ACT! Premium Mobile

Business Growth Challenge #3:  Sales reps have no access to contact and company information while traveling.  Hours of time is being wasted on preparation prior to visiting with prospects and customers. Driving directions and previous notes to be printed out or emailed to back to themselves to view for on-site reference. Sales reps fall short on updating important information gathered back into the CRM system at the end of the day.

ACT! Premium Mobile is included in the ACT! Hosted subscription providing the sales reps the ability to out perform their competition and help this business look and sound more professional.

Benefit Highlights of Act! at Your Fingertips:

  • Stay on top of late-breaking developments with real-time, mobile access to key Act! Premium details.
  • Take files with you! Conduct a global search on any text field, even attachments, to quickly find and open precisely what you need, when you need it.
  • Collaborate with teams and seal the deal quickly with easy access to robust functionality and immediate updates.
  • Supports popular devices such as iPhone®, iPad®, and Android.
  • Easily view, add, and edit Contact details, Notes, History, Activities, as well as Opportunities on the fly.
  • Interact with native device functions such as mapping, dialing, and email to further streamline your experience.


Learn more about time saving benefits:

Eliminating typing - turn speech into text quickly with ACT Mobile - Blog>


Take Action Now:


Try ACT! Premium Cloud Subscription FREE for 30 days or Purchase Subscription Here>



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