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Citizen-developer, low-code/no-code, Accelerate Business Transformation

10 Min Read

Leverage low-code technology to accelerate your business

NOTE: This will be helpful to provide actionable insights and using the Creatio foundation and tools that can jump-start a business improvement project and stay on top of key trends.

This Creatio low-code marathon's agenda features over 50+, short 20 or 40 minute sessions focused on creating digital-first organizations.  You'll learn how to get the maximum benefit from low-code/no-code for varying industries, including financial services, professional services, telecom, high-tech, insurance, and more. During the live sessions, the speakers will be sharing real-life examples of how forward-thinking organizations are leveraging low-code technology to accelerate.

The future of enterprise software is low-code -- 

dive into this one-of-a-kind guide and learn how to accelerate your journey.

Low-code Creatio marathon June 2021-1

Why Attend:

  1. Learn how to foster "Everyone a Developer" culture growth inside your organization.
  2. Explore ways to incorporate low-code technology into your software strategy.
  3. Discover the low-code market and future technology trends for your business
  4. Dive deep into low-code platform functionality with leading industry experts
  5. Examine how to efficiently manage customer-facing processes to deliver seamless customer experiences.
  6. Explore the key aspects of creating a low-code company just in 20 hours

About the Event:

While embracing the "everyone a developer" concept, Creatio has gathered thought leaders, leading tech minds, and low-code experts to showcase how to successfully adapt businesses, from any industry, to continuously changing circumstances.

Session hosts will also demonstrate low-code use cases, in which customers will discuss their real-life experiences that highlight the full potential of low-code technology.  Explore why low-code/no-code should be your #1 choice to accelerate business success, and more!

Join the 10-day low-code marathon to discover in just 2 hours a day why low-code is meant for you and why the future of low-code is now.   Signing up is free and will return a big payback.

Explore the Agenda

The Low-Code Marathon agenda is packed with over 20 hours of free to attend thought leadership sessions, interactive practical workshops, and networking. It is designed to help you boost the low-code/no-code app development skills, support your innovation and digital transformation initiatives, and inspire you to transform your business into a low-code company.  Explore Now.....

low code marathon agenda

Hot topics to be covered

  • Embrace the "Everyone a Developer" Concept
    • Explore key trends and expert insights on how to incorporate the "Everyone a Developer" approach into your strategy to build a low-code enterprise and facilitate digital transformation faster and easier.
  • Build a Low-code Enterprise
    • Observe the advantages of a low-code/no-code platform for process management and CRM and explore how utilizing this solution can help transform your business and create a low-code company.
  • Gain a Digital-First Culture
    • Discover how to commence a digital-first cultural movement where employees share new ideas, gravitate toward innovation, and are eager to change and create new systems, processes, products, and services.
  • Discover low-code Use Cases for Every Challenge
    • Learn how low-code/no-code technology can solve your everyday digital challenges in days instead of months through practical use cases.
  • Know How to Best Connect Technologies, Processes, and Teams
    • Determine how removing the complexities of technology helps low-code companies connect teams and sharpen their focus on business-related metrics.
  • Adopt the Approach to Orchestrate Your Processes Effortlessly
    • Discover how low-code companies encourage their business and subject-matter experts to lead every aspect of process orchestration and help teams become more effective.
  • Cast a Light Upon How to Develop Apps in Days by Utilizing Low-code
    • Learn how to stop creating applications from scratch!  The core and foundation of a low-code company reduce development time investments while leaving room for innovation and customization.
  • Easily Connect Creatio to your Existing IT Infrastructure
    • Master the most commonly used practices to quickly and easily integrate a Creatio low-code/no-code platform to your existing IT family.
  • Learn How to Manage Customer-Facing Processes Intelligently
    • Create transparent customer digital journeys to improve agility and to deliver faster and more situationally conscious decisions.

More about Hot topics here.

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Topics:   Citizen-developer low-code/no-code Accelerate Business Transformation

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