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Trends affecting your business

1. Global data volume 

From now until 2020, the amount of information will double every two years. 90% of the world's data has been created in the last 2 years!

2. The pace of our lives is increasing dramatically. 

Even pedestrians on the streets are walking 10% faster than just a decade ago.

3. Over 627,000 new businesses are launched each year in the US alone.  

This is more than one business every minute!  So how many of these are new competitors?

Explore bpm'online 7.11 amazing new AI capabilities, updated marketing campaign designer and over 200 other enhancements to its CRM and BPM solutions. 

The latest version of bpm'online 7.11 is now available with key updates to accelerate your business operations in 5 different areas:  

  • Productivity
  • Organization Agility
  • Time to ROI
  • Mobility
  • Business Interoperability


Productivity core challenges:

  • Process an ever-growing amount of data quickly and efficiently
  • Spend less time on repetitive tasks to focus on more creative & valued tasks
  • Achieve at work while still keeping a work-life balance.

Productivity stats bpmonline.jpg


Organizational agility core challenges:

  • Stay relevant to the rapidly changing market
  • Effectively meet customer expectations in the digital era
  • Quickly implement changes to your company's process

bpm'online agility to change business processes.jpg

Accelerate time to ROI core challenges:

  • Effectively organize communications with target audiences
  • Increase campaign rates
  • Decrease time-to-payback

CMO return on marketing investment.jpg


Mobility core challenges:

  • Complete important work anytime, anywhere
  • Engage customers in real-time and from any location
  • Access to real-time data for decision making on-the-go

Mobility stats bpmonline CRM.jpg


Business Interoperability core challenges:

  • Quickly deploy new technologies to deliver great customer experience
  • Align different teams and consolidate data
  • Designing and implementing new processes faster

business interoperability bpmonline.jpg

bpm'online is a complete BPM + CRM:

Bpm'online contains four main modules that integrate under one platform:  Marketing, Sales, Service and development Studio.

4 main components of bpm'online CRM.png

Key enhancements include:

  1. AI-powered applications. Leverage new AI-powered algorithms to get the most relevant information and make data-backed decisions.
  2. Streamlined business process automation. Take advantage of extended BPM and case management capabilities to boost your operational excellence.
  3. Unified digital ecosystem with bpm’online. Instantly extend bpm’online capabilities with the ability to install marketplace extensions, processes, templates or add-ons directly within bpm’online.
  4. Revamped campaign engine. Design the most personalized campaigns and make your marketing process automation simple and extremely fast.
  5. Enhanced mobile app. Boost your productivity with extended dashboards and filtering capabilities of the mobile app.

Add intelligence and agility to your business operations introducting bpm'online v7.11 

Next Step:

Looking for help and ideas on selecting the CRM that fits your business and can improve operations?  Our bpm'online professional services are for you.  Reach out for a free no-obligation conference call: 269-445-3001

Improve Your Business with BPM + CRM


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