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We are excited to introduce the latest update package for bpm’online products, which features even more improvements to enhance user experience and accelerate productivity.

The list of key capabilities includes:

Email Marketing

In 7.13.3 version, configuring conditional transitions in campaign flows and analyzing click maps became significantly easier. With the help of the [Email clicked] condition, users can see only unique links in the bulk email while setting up transitions between campaign stages. What’s more, the newest version allows for configuring custom macros according to the field values of custom objects.

Bulk emails:

  • Names of the dynamic content replicas have been optimized, duplicate segment titles have been eliminated.
  • You can now preview email templates taking different combinations of dynamic content into account.

bpmonline -marketing-dynamic_content_preview 

  • Now, you can set up no more than 30 dynamic segments and 7 display rules per bulk email. Content duplicates have been eliminated.
  • Names of macros have become more user-friendly and comprehensive.


Bulk email - macro naming bpm'online

  • You can now set up macros according to field values of custom objects. For example, you can set up product data population in a bulk email for a specific product.
  • When analyzing link transitions, you can now display only the unique template links. For this, we have implemented the [Group by unique links] option on the [Links] detail of the [Click stats] tab.



  • Made it more convenient to set up conditional flows based on bulk email responses in the campaign designer. Now, when you select the [Email clicked] condition, you will see only the unique links available in the outgoing bulk email.
  • You can now select a trigger email template that has been deleted from the list of available templates in the element setup area without the need to save the corresponding campaign first.


Core functions

  • Have enabled selecting and deleting multiple records in bpm’online lookups. For this, use the [Select multiple records] and [Select all] action options. If a record is connected with other bpm’online objects, you can display the list of connected data and choose to delete only the selected record or the connected records as well.



  • Have disabled the hints about automatic field population that displayed after a recent Google Chrome update.
  • Implemented displaying notifications with recommendations for cases, when record list export to Excel could not be performed due to various reasons (for example, if too many records have been selected for the export).
  • In the feed posts, when you tag users via the “@Full name” combination, you can now see only the active bpm’online users displayed in the selection list.


Duplicate Search

The newest package features updated tools for searching and merging duplicates. This will help users clean up customer data and get rid of unnecessary information in the system much more easily. Thanks to this new feature, it is possible to:

  • configure the rules for duplicate search in any bpm'online section where global search indexing is enabled.
  • configure the search by [Communication options] and [Address] details of contacts and accounts
  • manually merge any records in any system section or catalog
  • schedule automatic duplicate search in any bpm'online section
  • select the phone numbers, emails or web addresses which should be displayed on the record as primary




Mobile App

The latest package update delivers increased app operating speed thanks to the improvement of the page loading process and optimization of server requests. In addition, we added Spanish to the list of available interface localization.

  • Increased the security of working with system settings in the mobile application.
  • Mobile application is now supported on iPad Pro 11 devices
  • To make the search more convenient, the folders in the mobile application are now sorted in the same ways as in the primary application.
  • Record pages in the mobile app now open twice as fast.
  • For the mobile devices of the Android OS version 8.0 and higher, we have implemented background synchronization with the primary application.
  • You can now set up more than 12 lookup fields on a mobile app record page.


Business process management

Within this update package, bpm’online has improved its business process management capabilities: now “User actions” process elements are launched correctly if a process is executed by a portal user. Additionally, we ensured smooth processing of “Decimal’ type constant parameters that were created in one localization, but are executed in another.

Development  tools

Bpm’online 7.13.3 features a new utility for developers – bpmcli, which provides a command line interface for bpm’online. With bpmcli, developers are able to use standard familiar tools, including VS, VS Code, Webstorm, Git, Jenkins and others. Developers can now launch bpm’online projects, write server or/and client codes, execute debugging, testing and installation without leaving the familiar IDE. The utility and its documentation are available for download at GitHub .

The main features of the bpmcli utility include:

  • creating a package in the file system
  • converting the Visual Studio project into a package
  • installing, importing, exporting packages
  • implementing of the developed code on the website
  • restarting the website


Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on bpm’online academy. Read the release notes >>

Learn more about the functionality that will be introduced in the upcoming regular update packages for bpm’online >>

The update guide is available in a separate article.

If you have an questions or would like a personalized demonstration give us a call:  269 - 445 - 3001

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