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Latest from bpm'online CRM

We are thrilled to announce a new update (7.11.2) for the bpm'online products!  This update has more than 40 enhanced capabilities and updates.

Cloud clients will be updated during the next schedule maintenance period.

The key improvements are:

  • Mobile application. New [Cases] section was added to the mobile application framework of bpm'online service product.  It enables users to add new cases, track their status and add resolution notes.  There is also the ability to post messages on the case within the self-service portal.

New case page in the mobile app:


  • Self-service portal. For the convenience of working with cases, portal users can now setup the list of columns and groups in the list. Previously the administrator was required to setup the list.
  • Integrations.  Use the new communication panel shortcut to quickly add records based on an email message.  For instance, you can now add a new contact based on an email from an unknown sender. This contact's email address and name will be copied from the linked email.  If you add another record (i.e., an opportunity or invoice), bpm'online will populate its [Account' and [Contact] fields automatically.



  • Marketing campaigns. Extended functionality of the new campaign designer to provide user with more tools to effectively manage communications with audiences. With the help of the new [Add from landing page] element, users can route the campaign participants through the campaign flow based on their response on the landing page web form.  And the [Add from the event] element will allow users to add event contacts to campaign audiences, segment them and build communication chains based on the customer responses.

A campaign diagram with the [Landing] element


  • Orders and invoices. This update makes it easier for users to track individual agreements with customers. When adding products to invoices and orders in the production section windows, user can change the price of a product, as well as customize the list of displayed product parameters.
  • Data management. The interface for setting up columns in the section and detail lists have been significantly improved.  When setting up columns in both 'list' and 'tile' view, it's now much easier to change the layout and display structure of the lists.



  • Business processes. This release features the improved [Process Library] section. Business processes run by a timer or object signal are not visually easy to distinguish in the [Process Library] list.  In addition, the process properties page now has the following information:
    • List of start timer events showing the process start time, if the process is launched with a timer.
    • List of starting object signals, if the process is launched by an object signal.
    • Other processes that use the current process as a sub-process.
    • List of sub-processes of the current process with the ability to go to the required scheme.



  • Development tools.  Newly added public API expands the functionality of sales and pharmacy rep's visits in Field Sales and Pharma products.  It is possible to add new actions and change the logic of existing ones by using a simple unified approach that significantly speeds up the development process.


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A video recording of the interactive live presentation is now available website.

bpm'online update guide from 7.11.1 to 7.11.2 (PDF)

bpm'online update guide from 7.10 to 7.11 (PDF)


Next Step:

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