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Knowledge in your CRM data FUELS Smart Decisions and Actions 


One thing I have learned over the years from my clients is the huge importance of capturing knowledge and having knowledge readily accessible in their CRM. Without it, we start from scratch every time instead of building. It’s as if we have amnesia. Not exactly the best way to run a business, would you say?

Just think what would have happened if all the knowledge and actions that it took to send astronauts to the moon had been lost.  NASA’s space program was made up of a thousand integrated projects. Each step was documented and measured in order to capture the multitude of new insights, with results that have improved our world ever since.

Likewise, the fuel of business growth and continued success is constant, long-term positive effort and the accumulated knowledge that we gain along the way. The rewards carry us far!

A CRM database gives your team the capability to capture this knowledge  and then share the wisdom gained.  As a result, they will be more engaged and successful in their roles.

A well-used, purposeful CRM captures and shares knowledgeJust-what-I-wanted-CRM about customers as people:

  • How often they like to hear from you: weekly, quarterly, or when a key event happens
  • Their favorite mode of communications: phone, email, or face to face
  • What they care about, their interests, their families
  • Their successes and struggles
  • Their level of influence in the company and community
  • Their educational background, schools and areas of study
  • Their social media connections: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Other insight about them... it might be trivia to some but not to them.
  • Are they a reference, referral source or don't call contact?
  • Who else they know and influence
  • What commitments and conversations your people have had or missed with them
  • What marketing content they have read and shown interest in, and which has no impact
  • Are they talkers or listeners?
  • Better yet - link to their picture

CRM captures and shares knowledge of current and prospective customers as businesses: 

  • Does the business fit your ideal customer profile?
  • What is their customer buying process?
  • Are you dealing with a division, department or the corporate entity?
  • How they found your business -- from what Google phrase or referral source
  • What marketing content attracts its people
  • What has been purchased, when and why
  • What has been quoted but not approved
  • What sales opportunities have been considered, then won/lost
  • Their influence in their industry
  • Their growth and purchase patterns
  • Related products or services that may be useful but aren’t currently provided by your company
  • Are they a reference?
  • What other competitors or vendors are involved
  • Past service issues and resolutions -- positive or otherwise.
  • Are they in the top 5%, 20% or bottom 20% of your business?
  • Should you keep them or move them to another source?

Note: The Creatio CRM system captures the knowledge about your people and business relationships. It allows people across your departments to  intelligently supply a positive customer experience.  It does all this well. And it’s the most agile and user friendly we’ve seen, so it can do it for a long time without switching to another system. 

What additional knowledge do you need to capture and share to accelerate your sales in 2020? Maybe you can leverage your current CRM system to do it. Or maybe it’s time to think about an alternative solution. Either way, contact us to explore how your business can use CRM to increasingly fuel intelligent growth.  


Let's start a conversation on how a CRM, like Creatio, can fuel sales acceleration for your business. Select


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