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Two thirds of this year is gone! The dog days of summer are ending.  Only one third of 2016 is left to make an impression.  Enjoy the following resources to make this year one to remember

The Pipeline

Tired of the same old emails with the same tips and tricks about selling that you’ve seen over and over again? Well, we are too. This newsletter will be different; different because we will bring you relevant and timely sales nuggets to help you grow your pipeline and be the sales beast we know you are.

Let’s get things started with a look at how many sales engagements start—the elevator pitch. Take a look at “How to give a flawless elevator pitch” from Inc. and see how you can improve your elevator pitch.

Going up - giving that flawless elevator pitch >>>

Time to sell 

Your sales team has finite resources - time, attention, and dollars. You need a CRM to help you improve productivity and see more efficiently and effectively.  Your team can focus their time on activities that have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

There are 235 days of selling per year - it's time for CRM.  Work smarter in less time

Check out time to sell >>>

How social are you?

It is "human to sell" as Daniel Pink states in his book. At some point you had to influence someone, probably a spouse. (I did that 44 years ago and weekly ever since....)  Social selling is a requirement in today's fast paced, socially conscious world.

Learn the 9 stats you need to know about B2B social selling from TrapIt Blog - Be social  >>>

Who owns the customer experience in your organization?

Everyone in your organization plays a role in the customer experience, what's yours?  Read the blog by Jason Rushforth to gain a better understanding of this growing strategic advantage.

Check it out >>>

Does the paint color really matter?

Choosing a paint color is great, but what matters is what you have to fill up the house. In the world of technology, the same can apply.  Let’s look at CRM.  If your goal is to spend as much money as you possibly can on a CRM solution, there are plenty out there to fill that need. But when it comes down to it, functionality is the real key to finding value in the purchase  Blog by Kristen Luedtke

Read the blog >>>

The times they are a-changing

Salesforlife_170x170.pngAre you prepared to adapt to the evolving B2B customer?  SalesforLife.com's blog does a great job of illustrating the keys to navigating the modern buyers's journey.  Here are some stats:

  • 84% of CEO's and VP's use social media to make purchasing decisions

  • Buyers complete 57% of the buying decisions before ever actively engaging with sales.

  • There are now 5.4 people actively involved in the buying decision

Learn the attributes of a B2B buyer >

Looking to get more out our your Infor CRM and working smarter?

It starts by setting up your CRM system to work the way you need to while using the strengths of the CRM. I cover tips on using Groups and the special filtering capabilities to quickly work on account, contacts and opportunities that matter to you.   Increase your performance by effectively using Outlook with CRM access built in.

Read the blog- 12 Tips to become more productive using Infor CRM >>>


Get Started with Success with CRM


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